The Fastest Way To Upgrade Blueprints In Dying Light 2

Several delays and a few leaked retail copies later, "Dying Light 2" has been officially released. The cross-gen title is now out and players are running around a post-apocalyptic city killing humans and zombies alike. Critics seem to agree that the story is weak but that the parkour and combat systems are more than enough fun to keep players happy during their time with "Dying Light 2." Despite being based around drop-kicking enemies, "Dying Light 2" also contains a ton of RPG mechanics, including skill points, breakable weapons, and upgrades.


One of the upgrades you will want as soon as possible is blueprints. Blueprints can be used to craft a variety of different items, from consumables to weapon mods and even weapons themselves. You can obtain blueprints in a number of different ways, but upgrading the quality of blueprints will require infected trophies. Here is the best way to farm for infected trophies in "Dying Light 2."

Go out at night and make some noise

The earliest upgrades in the game require both uncommon and rare infected trophies, which are obtained by killing those types of enemy. However, early in the game there aren't as many of them, especially during the day. According to PC Gamer, the best way to maximize the number of trophies you are finding is to go out looking for zombies at night. The method here is to find a UV light, which will protect you from the infected. After finding one, search around for a Howler, which will alert other infected in the area.


The infected will begin chasing you, so run back to the UV light for some extra protection. There, you need to start killing all of the infected that chased you. Keep killing until no more infected are chasing you and there should be plenty of uncommon and rare infected trophies on the ground to loot. This will let you get a head start on upgrading blueprints early in the game without needing to wait until you naturally find enough upgrade materials.