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The Unexpected Reason Why Sykkuno Doesn't Want Fans To Subscribe To Him

Sykkuno quickly climbed the ladder of Twitch stardom after blowing up on the platform in 2021. The streamer has made a lot of progress since starting out his channel, overcoming a number of tragic events and cultivating a following who appreciates his calm demeanor and fun attitude. Despite his exploding popularity, he's now telling fans to not subscribe to his Twitch channel and to save their money.


In a Twitch stream clipped by a fan, Sykkuno explained that he'd rather make his money through sponsorships and brand deals instead of subscribers. And considering his popularity, he's getting plenty of the deals that he would prefer, so he encouraged fans to not subscribe anymore.

In his opinion, the money spent on subscriptions just doesn't add up and it feels "weird." Sykkuno used an example of a viewer subscribing with eight dollars. As he sees it, the viewer is taxed when they make that money, and then Twitch (owned by Amazon) takes more deductions out of the money. By the time Sykkuno sees the money, he said he'll get one or two dollars out of the eight — something that just felt a bit weird to him.


Simply put, Sykkuno feels like he's finally at a place where he can thrive without taking his viewers hard-earned cash for Twitch. Of course, that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate all of his loyal fans.

Sykkuno is still beyond grateful for every subscriber

While Sykkuno explained his feelings about Twitch's subscription model, he pointed out that he's still very grateful for what his subscribers have given him. He even referenced the infamous 2021 Twitch leak that revealed the earnings of the platform's top channels, which included his, to thank his subscribers and to show that the 13-25% he's getting is still a significant amount. Sykkuno wasn't trying to discredit the cash flow from his viewers at all, and he made that point abundantly clear.


Sykkuno also isn't the first Twitch streamer to talk to viewers about how to use their money on the streaming platform. Back in 2020, Pokimane took her business model to the next level and capped her donations at $5, working with Streamlabs to ensure that no one could drop large sums of money on her channel. Pokimane has gone so far as to call out greedy streamers for incentivizing viewers to sub when they already have plenty of money. Ludwig likewise capped his donations when he was on Twitch, showing that there may be a change in how big name streamers view their income sources.