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Pokimane Reveals The Shadiest Part Of Ninja Drama In Twitch Return

Pokimane's year has been off to an interesting start. She began 2022 almost quitting Twitch, thanks to a hate raid organized by JiDion, a fellow Twitch partner who took issue with her participation in Twitch's TV-watching meta. JiDion was permanently banned from Twitch for his actions, which kicked off a whole rollercoaster of events. 


After Pokimane called Ninja out for seemingly offering to help JiDion get his initial suspension lifted, she was threatened with legal action from Jessica Blevins, Ninja's wife and manager. While Pokimane eventually made peace with JiDion and got together with the streamer for a surprise collab, the problems with Ninja and Jess Blevins still hung in the air. All of this drama coincided with the end of Pokimane's two-year Twitch contract, which made fans extremely curious to see what her next move would be.

On Feb. 8, Pokimane confirmed that she would be staying on Twitch. The streaming star took to Twitch immediately following her announcement on Twitter to discuss her plans and her outlook on this new era (and to give away a car). Naturally, it wasn't long at all before the subject of JiDion and the Blevinses was brought up by the viewers in Pokimane's Twitch chat. Pokimane took the opportunity to clear the air regarding JiDion — and reveal to fans the part about this whole kerfuffle that seemed to disappoint her the most.


Pokimane would have liked an apology

As Pokimane explained to her audience, she and JiDion are completely cool now. After reaching out through social media, the pair managed to talk things out. As it turns out, JiDion didn't intend for things to get out of hand like they did, and he apologized to Pokimane for all of the drama at the start of the year. Pokimane pointed out that this is apparently not the case for the other parties involved in the feud.


"The funniest thing about all of this," Pokimane said, "is that the guy who started it all and who had said so many, like, mean things about me on his stream and then got banned — he was faster to apologize to me than Ninja and Jessica Blevins." Poki laughed at this, seemingly catching herself before she went any further. 

Pokimane went on to say that an apology is really all she wants from Ninja's side. But at this point, it's unclear if that will ever happen. In the meantime, Poki's fans can look forward to seeing a fun video she collaborated on with JiDion in the near future, the very existence of which seems to prove that it is possible to squash an internet beef.