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Lost Ark: The Difference Between Healing Potions And HP Potions

"Lost Ark" has been a long time coming, so players eyeing the MMORPG are keen on getting as much gameplay intel as they can as they explore all that it has to offer. The North American adaptation of a successful Korean MMORPG, the free-to-play "Lost Ark" takes players on a journey to Arkesia, a fantastical and fearsome land of demons, dungeons, and dynamic opportunities for class-based combat and open-world exploration. The title refers to the mysterious relic which serves as the player's inspiration for all the adventures that unfold along the way.

Since "Lost Ark" is already soaring in popularity with Steam citing peaks of over 500,000 concurrent players and over a million concurrent Twitch viewers, players are naturally eager to get a competitive edge to keep up and get ahead in the game. A bit of insight about the different types of potions available in the game is important for players to understand so they can make smart strategic decisions throughout their experience in Arkesia. Namely, understanding the difference between HP potions and healing potions is key, especially since the two might easily be mistaken as identical by an uninformed player.

HP Potions vs. Healing Potions

A big difference between HP and healing potions in "Lost Ark" is the fact that healing potions provide recovery over the course of 8 seconds, whereas HP potions heal a player instantly. On top of that, HP potions are much more valuable for later gameplay, as they heal based on a percentage of max health. In contrast, healing potions work off of a strict numerical HP value, which becomes relatively negligible once one has leveled up a certain amount, since leveling up raises HP.

Both healing and HP potions can be either purchased or obtained as rewards, and players are advised to manage these resources wisely and stock up on the most helpful potions for their current situation when possible. It may also be strategic to store HP potions to avoid using them until they're needed later, and some guides recommend selling healing potions in favor of Silver as-needed. It's important for "Lost Ark" players to know that HP potions can be used in dungeons and raids, whereas healing potions aren't available in these scenarios. So, it makes the most sense to save HP potions for those more critical battles.

When in a pinch, a player might accidentally use the wrong potion for the occasion if proper planning isn't implemented. Healing potions are automatically set up with "F1," and Twinfinite notes that players can customize their hotbars by clicking "I" and deciding where they'd like to store their HP potions to avoid confusion between the two. To avoid the temptation altogether, there's also the option of safely storing potions.