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The Hard Truth About Trainwreck's $8.75m Twitch Slots Win

Among the most divisive streamers on all of Twitch is Trainwreckstv. Considered to be a terrible person by some due to his flippant promotion of gambling on stream, as well as antics that include misogynistic rants, Trainwrecks — whose real name is Travis Niknam — just cannot stay away from controversy for any prolonged period of time, particularly when it comes to his brand of content. It's become so bad, in fact, that some other streamers, such as xQc, have sworn off gambling streaming and proponents of it. Despite the stigma attached to gambling streams, Trainwrecks has continued to build upon his niche. Surprisingly, it actually worked out for once.


While playing a round of a gambling game during his livestream on Feb. 10, Trainwrecks attained a max win of over $8.75 million. He, along with an unseen companion, immediately begin flipping out over the win, which netted what would be for any normal person a life-changing amount of money. However, in the context of Trainwrecks' overall gambling performance, there is still a very hard truth attached to this moment which essentially makes the win completely moot.

Trainwreck is still "down millions" after $8.7 million gambling win

For the average person, winning over $8.7 million would be a monumental experience and would change their entire life. Even after taxes and such, they could end up with a massive amount of cash that could be used on a plethora of different things. For Trainwrecks, his huge win is simply a stepping stone to offsetting the pitfalls of his gambling addiction. Shortly after the excitement of the $8.7 million win wore off, Trainwrecks was quick to cool down and remind his viewers that his win isn't as huge as it may seem and that the risks of compulsive gambling far outweigh any benefits they can yield.


"I am losing, you understand, I am down millions," Trainwrecks told his viewers as he resumed his game. "The way I play, the way I gamble, even with the Bitcoin I made in my own career, or the money I've made on Twitch, it is not doable or sustainable ... unless you're a large streamer that can get paid. You will lose every time." Back in January, Trainwrecks revealed that he was $12 million in the hole after a series of terrible gambling outcomes (via Dexerto). This means that despite his winnings, Trainwrecks could still be down $3 million, not including any losses that are going on behind the scenes.