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xQc Is Sick Of This Type Of Streaming

xQc is putting his foot down about a type of streaming he's recently taken part in: gambling. During his June 1, 2021 stream, the popular Twitch star decided to stop his successful "Slots" streams once and for all. 

Gambling on Twitch is a relatively new trend in which streamers partake in casino-style games, ponying up real money and trying their luck at things like virtual slot machines. According to Gambling360, a few of xQc's games of choice in the past have included "Book of Shadows," "Live Dealer Blackjack," and "Deal or No Deal," among others. These streams have previously helped xQc rise to the top of the "Slots" category on Twitch, but those days are apparently over.

So, why is xQc making this sudden change? As he revealed during the stream, xQc has realized that he "get[s] addicted to things very, very easily." Since he feels that things are getting out of control and that his "brain is kind of going crazy," it only makes sense to call it quits. The streamer told his viewers, in no uncertain terms, that he is "absolutely done with" gambling streams.

Though many enjoy the excitement of gaming and gambling without any major issues, it's a fact that some people become addicted to one or both.

xQc's controversial content

Quitting gambling streaming seems like it could be a beneficial move for xQc, both personally and professionally. Recently, esports and finance analyst Ollie Ring pointed out the possible issues that could emerge from xQc's gambling streams in a Twitter thread. Specifically, Ring was concerned that these streams could glamorize gambling for a young audience. Not only that, but Ring pointed out that xQc is based in Texas, where gambling is "literally illegal."  

Others have echoed Ring's sentiments, including some of xQc's fellow streamers. Ironically, Twitch star Trainwrecks once told his viewers not to gamble while in the middle of a gambling stream, which seemingly demonstrates the fact that quitting can be very hard, even when the desire to stop is there. As previously reported by Dexerto, Twitch icons like Moistcr1tikal, Asmongold, and Pokimane have also expressed their distaste for gambling streams on Twitch.

Though he's turning over a new leaf, this isn't the first time that xQc has come under fire for having a bit of a shady side. Last month, xQc was permanently banned, from the NoPixel "GTA" roleplaying server. Though he accepted this latest ban without a fight, it's one reason why he's been streaming some different types of content.