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The Cast Of Horizon Forbidden West Is Gorgeous In Real Life

"Horizon Forbidden West" is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, and for good reason. The game, which was loved by critics, follows the story of Aloy after the events of "Horizon Zero Dawn," still trying to survive in a world overrun by mechanical monsters. The series' open world design is better than ever, and detailed side quests had critics falling in love with the characters and mythology all over again.


These characters were all fully voiced by a talented and gorgeous cast. They didn't just work on the game in the booth, either. As seen in a BTS video from PlayStation, much the cast was able to act out scenes together to record facial motion capture. Through this process, many of the actors forged relationships that were just as deep as the bonds the characters share in the game, and they all pushed each other to perform better.

The "Horizon Forbidden West" cast members all bring something unique to the table. Here's what they look like in real life.

Aloy - Ashly Burch

Ashly Burch reprised her role as Aloy in "Horizon Forbidden West," something that she was overjoyed to do. Gaming fans might recognize her voice and name from other major game series like "Life is Strange" and "Borderlands," but her voice has also been heard in a number of animated series, including "Attack on Titan." She's also appeared in the flesh in shows like "Mythic Quest." Her incredible talents have led her to becoming a BAFTA-nominated actor for her performances as Aloy in "Horizon Zero Dawn" and Chloe in "Life is Strange."


Burch enjoyed her time on the set of "Horizon Forbidden West" and expressed that excitement on Twitter. As fans who follow her on social media know, Burch is a big gamer outside of the games she's starred in, and she absolutely adores her dog. She's also frequently streamed tabletop RPGs on Twitch with other people in the community, occasionally joining Critical Role for roleplaying adventures.

Ashly Burch's talents extend beyond acting — she's won an Emmy Award for her writing in "Adventure Time."

Sylens - Lance Reddick

Ashly Burch isn't the only actor returning from "Horizon Zero Dawn" — Lance Reddick also graced the game with his appearance as Sylens. While Reddick is an incredibly talented voice actor, he's probably better known to audiences for his live action roles, appearing in films  like "Godzilla vs. Kong" and the "John Wick" series. Still, his voice acting career includes noteworthy titles like "Rick and Morty," "Destiny 2," and "Castlevania."


Outside of his thriving acting career, Reddick is a massive advocate for social and political platforms. His Twitter is full of information and debates about everything from the opioid crisis to voting issues. He also raises money on Cameo for a group called MOMCares, which focuses on providing "postpartum doula support for Black women in the NICUs of Baltimore City."

Much like Ashley Burch, Reddick is also a dog lover, occasionally sharing his numerous pets' wake-up barks in hilarious videos on Twitter. He also enjoys a good meme from his fans, even when they're about his own acting roles.

Erend - John Hopkins

Erend's voice actor is also staying the same, as John Hopkins makes a return to the "Horizon" franchise. While his voice acting is stellar, featuring in games such as "The Division 2" and "Hitman 3," Hopkins is also known for his performances in film and television. Audiences may remember him from roles in "Poldark," "Alice in Wonderland," "Catastrophe," and "Midsomer Murders."


When Hopkins isn't acting, he enjoys a good game of Poker. In fact, he's even parlayed that talent into apperances on the TV show "All-Star Poker Challenge." He's also taken a stab at writing – in 2019, he co-wrote a tense short film called "Four."

Hopkins' performance as Erend in "Horizon Zero Dawn" was something that impressed a lot of people, which led to his nomination for Best Male Vocal Performance in a Video Game in a Supporting Role at the 2018 Behind The Voice Actor awards. Unsurprisingly, the entire cast of "Horizon Zero Dawn" was also nominated for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game at the BTVA awards that same year.

Varl - John Macmillan

John Macmillan is also returning to "Horizon Forbidden West," following a stellar performance in the previous game. The voice actor has taken part in plenty of video games, including "Amnesia: Rebirth" and "Blood and Truth." Macmillan is another "Horizon" cast member notable for his roles outside of video games, racking up an impressive resume featuring appearances in films like "Maleficent," "World War Z," and "The Dark Knight Rises." TV fans can also look for him in HBO's "Game of Thrones" prequel series, "House of the Dragon."


In addition to acting, Macmillan's dabbled in other areas of the industry. He wrote, directed, produced, and acted in a short called "The Hype Man." He's clearing passionate about the art of bringing stories to life, as he explained in an interview with Culture Calling: "I read something recently arguing humans became the predominant species on the planet because of our capacity for storytelling, and to construct fiction."

Kotallo - Noshir Dalal

Noshir Dalal is a video game voice acting veteran. He's acted in a number of massive gaming titles, including "Deathloop," "Red Dead Redemption 2," "Halo Infinite," and "Death Stranding." Judging from the vast array of games he's acted in, he doesn't intend to confine his talents to any particular genre. As a result, he shines in just about every area of the industry.


While Dalal is a major name in voice acting, he's also a family man. He often gives fans a glimpse of his home life on Twitter, where he frequently posts pictures of his wife and dog. He's also a bit of a gamer himself, to no one's surprise. Dalal got pretty excited after Rockstar officially confirmed the production of "Grand Theft Auto 6," and he was ecstatic when Renata Glasc was added in "League of Legends."

Despite the amount of success and steady work he's seen in his career, Dalal has stayed humble. He explained on Twitter that he felt extremely lucky to work alongside the team on "Horizon Forbidden West," sharing that John Macmillan had taught him new things about voice acting.

Tilda - Carrie-Anne Moss

The amazing Carrie-Anne Moss is the voice behind Tilda, one of the more complex characters in "Horizon Forbidden West." Moss is best known for her work in "The Matrix" franchise and Christopher Nolan's "Memento," for which she won multiple awards. She also plays Jeri Hogarth across several of Marvel's Netflix series, including "Daredevil," "Iron Fist," and "Jessica Jones." She's shown up in the video game world before, portraying Aria T'Loak in the "Mass Effect" games and reprising her role as Trinity in various "Matrix" titles.


Through her blog on Annapurna Living, Moss has talked frequently about her creative process and how she balances personal time with art. Moss has continued to discuss her process through interviews. When speaking with Fansided, Moss described acting as both a business and a way to express creativity. 

This creative mind really shines when she speaks about acting as Tilda, a character whose tragic history influences how she behaves throughout "Horizon Forbidden West." According to Moss, she quite enjoyed tapping into the complicated layers of her character. Moss called her "manipulative," but explained that Tilda is the kind of character that she enjoys playing because it's "creatively really fun."