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How Pets In Lost Ark Actually Work

Amazon's "Lost Ark" took over Steam pretty quickly after it was released in the West, making for a successful launch after years of popularity in Korea, Japan, and Russia. There's plenty to love about the game, from the bizarre ability that feeds on chat spam to the nuances in items such as healing potions and HP potions. One thing that fans are enjoying in particular is the adorable pets featured in "Lost Ark." 


Pets are often seen following players around, and the game has plenty of options available, both for free and for purchase. They're both cute and helpful as they gather resources around the player. This is pretty useful considering a lot of the enemies in "Lost Ark" come at the player in hordes, making picking up rewards time-consuming and frustrating. Pets also give Stronghold boosts, which is important in late-game content. 

However, the pets are a bit confusing when it comes to how they work. Once you've unlocked or bought a pet, it doesn't just magically start following you.

How to activate a pet in Lost Ark

"Lost Ark" actually gives players a pet for free at the beginning of the game in a quest called "Learning About Pets." The roster quest is available from Neria in the Pridehome Inn after Pridehome is attacked, as explained by YouTube channel This Week In Video Games. From there, players can follow the quest instructions to receive a friendly white rabbit.


Once you receive the bunny, the game will give the player prompts about how to activate it since it's the first time. Players will need to register the pet from their inventory and then open up the Pets menu by either clicking ALT and P at the same time or navigating to it from the Quick Menu at the bottom. After that, players will be able to see all their pets in the same place and look at their stats, as well as activate whichever one they chose. This is also where players can rename their pets.

Pets are available across characters in the same server, so don't worry about your furry friend getting lost in case you switch characters later on.