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The Best Lost Ark Classes For Beginners

Soon after Amazon's "Lost Ark" was released, it took over Steam charts as players fell in love with the ARPG. With an engaging story, adorable pets, snappy combat, and free-to-play options, people were enthralled. The game was originally released in Korea and eventually made its way to Japan and Russia before coming to the West, and there are some slight changes in its localization, such as the character classes available in the game.


One of the hardest things in "Lost Ark" happens to be at the very beginning: choosing a class. For beginners, the list of 15 options can be a bit daunting, especially if you don't know anything about the game or genre. With eight separate abilities, there's a lot going on anytime you're in combat.

Luckily, there are several classes that are perfect for beginners in a variety of play styles, so you should be able to pick at least one that you enjoy playing.

Maximizing damage while staying basic

While all the classes in "Lost Ark" can hold their own against a horde of enemies, some can do it much easier than others. Reddit user FoxBoltz described a good beginner class as one with an easy skill rotation (so not combo-heavy with long cooldowns) and one that's forgiving if mistakes are made. These qualities let players focus on learning the game without having to worry about mastering in-depth character abilities.


In "Lost Ark," a few different characters meet these requirements. If you want to play a tank, then the Berserker is easily the way to go. The class has an incredibly high health bar and deals plenty of AoE damage to take you through the game.

The Artillerist is a good choice for someone who enjoys playing bruisers, too. With a beefy health bar, incredible damage, and easy-to-use abilities, it's a pretty solid option if you like to play from farther away.

At the time of the game's release, there aren't too many characters who are great starting options for longe range combat. The Sorceress class is the best of them, but players will need to pay a lot more attention to their health bar than they may want when they're just starting out. Luckily, HP potions and Health potions can help out in a bind.