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How To Turn On Easy Loot In Horizon: Forbidden West

Critics have praised "Horizon Forbidden West" as a successful sequel to its best-selling predecessor. Aloy continues her journey through the post-apocalyptic world first introduced in "Horizon Forbidden Dawn," now with more gameplay features and accessibility options than ever before. "Easy Loot" is just one of the options that can affect the overall difficulty of the game, specifically when it comes to scavenging.

Guerilla Games encourages players to attack specific points when fighting enemies at the game's default difficulty. Players always get loot, no matter how they defeat an enemy. However, those who attack enemies in specific ways can earn valuable crafting materials they otherwise wouldn't have. Depending on the enemy, that means targeting specific weak points and approaching battles in optimal ways to preserve parts and collect as much loot as possible. If the player carelessly destroys a machine without thinking, Aloy loses parts. It's like breaking a glass and expecting to collect the full cup. You can't.

Naturally, some players want to opt out of this more particular fighting strategy. Easy Loot throws that layer of strategy out the window and allows players to collect all loot, valuable and not-as-valuable, just so long as they defeat the enemy. Here's how to turn on Easy Loot in "Horizon Forbidden West."

How to actually turn on Easy Loot

Some enemies drop valuable crafting materials that are difficult to earn outside of battle. In a game where crafting can lead to more powerful weapons and gear, it's no wonder that the more difficult setup so greatly  rewards players for this extra layer of effort. However, for those who don't want to deal with the additional challenge, they can use Easy Loot to turn it off. 

There's no need to restart your game to turn on Easy Loot. Just pause the game to access "Settings" and then select "General." One row should be dedicated to "Difficulty", which you can switch to the "Custom" option. In place of a one-size-fits-all difficulty, Custom enables players to adjust specific parts of their experience in up to six ways. "Easy Loot" is one of the six custom difficulty settings, an on-and-off toggle that appears alongside damage done to Aloy, enemy health, and others. 

Turning on the Easy Loot option might appeal to those who want to fight enemies at a higher level without worrying about the finer details of how they whittle down their armor and defeat them. No matter how you play, you're going to want to collect plenty of loot as your level up Aloy's skill tree