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This Trippy JRPG Anime Adaptation Has Fans Going Wild

The "Nier" series has released some of the best RPGs for years now. With crazy storytelling that spans all types of media — including even stage plays — it's no wonder that RPG fans love the games. "Nier: Automata" was one of the best RPGs of 2017, and it proved to be a great entry to the series for people who weren't sure where to start (after all, the "Nier" games take place in the same universe as the "Drakengard" games). Now, five years after the highly beloved game was released, an anime adaptation was just announced.


Aniplex of America tweeted out a teaser trailer for the new series, with some English subtitles to the few words in it: "Everything that lives is designed to end" and "we are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death." The trailer flashes those words on the screen and shows a sketch of 2B, one of the game's main characters. A website was also made for the anime adaptation, but the only news available is a brief rundown of the game's story and the fact that the anime is coming soon (via Google Translate.)

Fans went wild at the news, and there's been a lot of interesting discussions surrounding the upcoming adaptation.

Fans are thrilled

Most "Nier" fans are over the moon with excitement at the thought of an anime based on the universe to come out. However, there have been a lot of conversations around how delicate anime adaptations of video games can be. In fact, many users were cautious of what could go wrong with the anime.


One Twitter user explained that video game adaptations are usually bad because video games have their own quirks to them that are difficult to replicate in a film/television show. While some agreed, others argued that some series take different routes than the game it's coming from for this very reason. Considering it's not abundantly clear what direction the "Nier: Automata" anime is taking, fans are expressing mixed reactions.

Others are just excited to hopefully see more of the lore from the series. The "Nier" universe is grandiose, after all, and some were quick to point out how the universe has previously succeeded at every media form it's tried – why would an anime not be great?

Luckily, "Nier Automata" fans can take solace in the fact that everything that's been done with the game since its release was a success. The DLC for the game was glorious, and fans actually enjoyed the Game Pass version of the game more than they enjoyed the original Steam version.