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The Most Impressive Feats Done In Genshin Impact

"Genshin Impact" first broke headlines as an anime "Breath of the Wild" clone. Some wrote it off as just another gacha game looking to take advantage of those with poor impulse control and without much depth. However, after enough influencers got their hands on it, the internet soon found that the complex combat system, team building options, and story justified it as a global phenomenon. Heck, it even made it as The Game Awards' Best Mobile Game of 2021.

Since its release, "Genshin Impact" has grown into its own beast that players from across gacha, anime, and RPG communities enjoy as a whole. In fact, the most technical of players have challenged themselves to maintain records of the most impressive accomplishments completed in the game. An open-world RPG like "Genshin" inspires records for hard-hitting damage per second (or DPS) characters, high synergy team comps, and other exploration based achievements alone. Or, well, just impressively fast or silly achievements, too. 

Here are just a few of the most impressive feats accomplished in "Genshin Impact."

Eula player breaks record for 7 million in damage

Hardcore "Genshin Impact" players love flexing their 5-star setups, especially how hard their DPS can hit with top-tier weapons, artifacts, and team comp. However, none of them have ever gone as far as Tony To's Eula, who broke the "Genshin Impact" community record for most damage dealt in a single blow. He recorded his latest 7,013,281 damage breakthrough, which he accomplished in the Spiral Abyss with Xinyan, Bennett, and Mona. Tony has broken his own record up to four times with Hu Tao and Eula. 

He has heavily invested in Eula with all her abilities raised to at least level 8 (maximum level 10) with maximum level artifacts, including a Blizzard Strayer Circlet, 2 Pale Flame, and 2 Shimenawa Resonance pieces. Eula was at C6 (meaning there were six duplicates of her), which also means he could have spent up to 540 rolls to get six more copies of her. Some fans deduced that, even with his stacked setup, Tony likely had to try many times to reach the 7 million damage record because he would really only crit only a few times during the run. 

Eula, a descendant of Mondstadt's denounced noble family, is a 5-star character that released last May. She's known as one of the most fearsome DPS characters that focus on Physical Damage, which makes her an ideal choice for those who don't want to worry about elemental matchups. 

Eula Any% Speedrun

Memorii originally broke headlines for their Ganyu Any% Speedrun, where they raised a Level 90 Ganyu in about 2 minutes. However, they later released Rosaria Any% and Eula Any% Speedruns that took only half the time. They had the fastest record for Eula, who they were able to max level in only a minute. Level 90 is the highest any character can be in the game. 

Mihoyo releases information for new characters before their banners, including ascension materials. Players can farm these materials by fighting enemies or scavenging in the wild depending on the character. Every character needs different ascension materials to increase their maximum level before piling on experience books like Hero's Wit, which are used to level up characters. In this case, Memorii already had these ascension materials and experience books ready, so they could seamlessly level Eula to the highest point without spending time post-launch gathering them.

After raising Eula to level 90, Memorii started max leveling her weapon and artifact sets, too. It's called an Any% Speedrun, but onlookers sometimes look for weapons and artifacts as part of the package. Memorii came across this issue with their Ganyu speedrun, which some claimed was invalid because talents weren't at max level.

Farthest distance for killing Timmie's pigeons

Timmie is one of the most infamous "Genshin Impact" side characters thanks to his prickly personality and relationship to pigeons. It's hard to pinpoint the exact reason the community collectively hates this mouthy tot, but many agree that it's mostly somewhat related to how he scolds the player for scaring away his pigeons. Plus, his interest in the birds gives players an easy target for fowl play.

"Genshin Impact" players have invented many creative ways to kill Timmie's pigeons. None of the characters have been able to dethrone Ganyu – a half-Adeptus archer — as a top-tier pigeon-killer, though. Her charge shot works like a timed grenade, freeze-frying anything within its radius upon landing. Even better, she can shoot the birds from impressively long distances away. However, one Ganyu player topped all records with a one-shot kill from Dragonspine. 

Redditor omgpikachu1 shared a video of the legendary shot, starting at the foot of Dragonspine facing Mondstadt. Ganyu released a charged arrow into the sky before teleporting to the bridge where Timmie and his pigeons stood, just in time for the arrow to neatly fry the birds in front of the pigeon-loving orphan. Omgpikachu1 thanked Redditor aznnerd90, who posted a similarly impressive pigeon-killing video, for inspiring the feat.