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The Resident Evil Scene Fans Agree Went Too Far

Many people consider several of the "Resident Evil" titles to be among the greatest horror games of all time. The franchise has been a staple of the survival genre ever since the first game was released back in 1996. Things haven't stayed the same, however. The series has evolved and changed to adapt to an audience that many developers believe has grown harder to scare. Getting eaten alive by zombies might have passed for gruesome back in the 90s, but the team over at Capcom has gotten progressively more creative in the years since. Now, gratuitous death sequences have become part of the series' identity. Scenes where the protagonist is chopped up by giant ventilation fans are now common fare, but some sequences definitely push the boundaries more than others.

Ask fans what they think the most brutal death sequence in the "Resident Evil" franchise is and you might hear a few answers. One poster on Reddit suggested a scene from "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard" in which Jack Baker cuts Ethan's head and arms off with a set of giant motorized shears. Others in the thread commented that a death scene in "Resident Evil 6" where Leon is pushed by a Rasklapanje into a large meat grinder where the two of them are quickly blended together is even more gruesome. There is one scene that maybe took things a bit too far, however — one of Jill's death scenes in the remake of "Resident Evil 3."

The parasite scene is extremely uncomfortable

The "Resident Evil 3" remake received marginally positive reviews with most of the criticism levied at its 4-6 hour run time. Much of the game feels like an action movie, with harsh survival sections interspersed between explosions and Jill trying to escape as she is hunted relentlessly by Nemesis. There is one scene that is so surreal that it nearly feels like it's out of a different game, however.

Just after Jill finds a lockpick and uses it in the sub-train station, she is attacked without warning as part of a graphic cutscene. A large mutated flea-like creature called a Drain Deimos grabs Jill by the throat and shoves its ovipositor (egg-laying organ common to insects) into her mouth. Jill is then infected with the "Parasite" status condition as the creature has just implanted several eggs inside of her. If the player doesn't use a Green Herb, causing Jill to vomit up the eggs, then she will eventually fall to the ground as dozens of baby Drain Deimos burrow their way out of her chest.

Many have been quick to compare this to the classic sci-fi horror film "Aliens" which features a creature called a Xenomorph that reproduces through a similar mechanism and was likely a heavy source of inspiration for the Drain Deimos. Several others have pointed out the visceral and uncomfortably suggestive nature of the scene, however, noting that it feels unnecessarily sexual in a way that the Xenomorph did not.