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Why Going Naked Is A Legit Strategy In Elden Ring

Despite receiving backlash on PC because of game-breaking issues on day one, "Elden Ring" still broke records on release, and critics still praised nearly everything about the game. With a plethora of things to do and find, like the hilarious dog notes around the extensive map, players are still barely scraping the surface of what's in the game. One content creator just found a new way to get through the game — this time with no clothes.


YouTuber penguinz0, also known as moistcr1tikal on Twitch, uploaded some stream footage of his "Elden Ring" character slashing through enemies. While fighting the Guardian Golem, the streamer stumbled upon an item called the Blue Dancer Charm. The charm gives players increased attack power the lower their equipment weight is. Generally, the thought process would be to use the charm with light equipment and see how much it could boost your attack power.

Penguinz0 didn't think like most people, though. Instead, he used the charm with no armor at all. At first, he kept his helmet on for laughs but quickly realized that the boost in power without the helmet was worth giving it up for. The result was a pretty insane glass cannon build that actually worked.


Why a glass cannon build makes sense

"Elden Ring" is a successor of sorts to the infamous "Dark Souls" games. As such, it's a pretty difficult title, and getting hit even just once by an enemy can cause a chain of damage that leaves you dead quickly. There are a lot of wild ways to die in "Elden Ring," and some brave Tarnished have even begun playthroughs with the goal of not receiving any damage.


One YouTuber viewer talked about this on penguinz0's video, explaining that going nude with the Blue Dancer Charm might actually be the best way to optimize a character for a true no-hit run of the game. Who knew that, in penguinz0's words, going "nakey" and defenseless around a map with extreme enemies might actually be a solid strategy.

Others just laughed at the concept of getting destroyed by a character wearing no clothes, but some used the moment to praise "Elden Ring." In fact, as one viewer pointed out, there was a surprising amount of detail and scarring on penguinz0's character – an intricate level of detail considering it should be assumed that most players would wear clothes.