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Elden Ring: How To Remove The Hug Lady's Health Debuff

The success of "Elden Ring" was evident from day one. The game broke records with its thrilling and rewarding gameplay. With a gorgeous, talented cast and dedicated fans, it's no wonder the game saw basically an instant success despite things like backlash from PC players. The game is extremely detailed, and things aren't always as they seem – including one character that you don't want to hug.


Fia, an NPC found at the Roundtable Hold, asks players if she can embrace them and gain "lifely vigor" and "stoutheartedness." If players choose to accept her hug, they'll receive Baldachin's Blessing, which increases poise (resistance to stumbling in battle) and physical damage when consumed. However, a 5% debuff to the player's max HP is also permanently applied when you have the item in your inventory.

In pretty much all cases, the HP debuff is more debilitating than any of the 15-second buffs. Luckily, it's fairly easy to remove the Blessing.

Getting rid of Baldachin's Blessing

If you've given Fia a hug and you're trying to get your HP back, don't fret — simply use the Baldachin's Blessing item. By using the item and getting it out of your inventory, you can get rid of the debuff (via YouTube channel Maka91 Productions.)


If you want to be efficient, then you can use this item against an enemy that you're having a hard time defeating. While the HP debuff will be in place, mixing things up and increasing your physical damage and poise might help you get the edge that you need to finally take them down. Maka91 Productions points out that this could specifically be helpful if you're going up against a boss that's outside of your armor or weapon level.

There are plenty of ways to die in "Elden Ring," and an HP debuff from a "friendly" NPC that you may unknowingly have hugged only makes the game more difficult.