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Things Will Soon Look Different In Battlefield 2042

"Battlefield 2042" has had issues since it launched. In fact, the game was so broken that even cheaters left because of the lack of players. DICE, the developer for the game, hasĀ cut ties with toxic players on the game's subreddit while it looks for ways to battle things like high bot numbers. And while things looked like they were getting really bad for the newest "Battlefield" title, the developers are finding new ways to try and fix the game.

In a recent blog post, DICE explained that there were several problems that it wanted to address with a Season One update later this year. In an effort to "push up the quality of 'Battlefield 2042,'" developers analyzed feedback and found five different areas of issues within the map designs of the game: long travel times around the maps, high player count, open and lengthy lines of sight, lack of paths, and too few cover options.

For the most part, these problems go hand in hand with each other. Fixing one may help solve the others, and DICE's plan to reevaluate map design could breathe new life into the game if players are willing to give it a shot. Here are the specific solutions developers are looking at.

The Battlefield 2042 map design answers

For one, DICE explained that it'll be decreasing the space between spawns and objectives to shorten the amount of time players spend walking around and getting to objectives. While the developers didn't say that the map was necessarily shrinking, it will make the hot spots on the map even hotter as players can get to them quicker. To address the chaos that can surround points of interest, DICE explained that 128-player modes will become 64-player modes.

DICE shared that it would also be adding in more covers for players to take shelter under to avoid enemy fire. With shorter distances to travel around the map and additional covers being added, the lines of sight around the map will naturally get shorter as players aren't traveling as far. This will have a huge impact on the meta of the game as long-range weapons won't be as useful in all situations.

Developers also pointed out that there will be clearer paths for players to see and use to get to objectives to help eliminate the wrong kind of chaos.

While these fixes won't change everything that went wrong with "Battlefield 2042," it's a good start and a sign that developers are trying to fix the game for fans. According to the blog post from DICE, these initial changes will first be implemented on Kaleidoscope later this year.