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Why This Hidden Area In Elden Ring Has Fans Going Wild

There's not much to say about the quality of "Elden Ring" that hasn't already been said. The latest FromSoftware game has been the talk of the gaming community since its release on Feb. 25, 2022, breaking records, inciting backlash, and even inspiring a bustling eBay market for Runes and other in-game goodies. Fans immediately began enjoying dying in all manner of creative ways and sharing their discoveries in the massive open world game online. That being said, some gamers are already itching for new content for "Elden Ring," or at the very least contemplating potential DLC that could be on its way in the future.


Past FromSoftware titles, like "Bloodborne" and "Dark Souls 3," have seen DLC released after the games' initial release, but so far the developer hasn't announced plans for future "Elden Ring" adventures. However, one fan stoked a great deal of speculation by releasing a video in which they explored an off-the-map area that appeared to be a fully rendered arena area, perfect for multiplayer battles or fights with AI-piloted invaders or bosses. While the code didn't reveal all the details of the area, that hasn't stopped fans from getting excited about the possibilities. Here's why this hidden area has fans going wild with speculation.

A hidden arena, ready for action

Lance McDonald shared a video exploring the out-of-bounds area on his Twitter, captioning the video, "Elden Ring will probably get a multiplayer arena DLC some time in the future based on this out-of-bounds video I recorded of a currently inaccessible area in the game." Using a mod, McDonald was able to clip out of the map and explore a colosseum-like building with stadium seating and a large fighting arena in the middle. It's possible that the area could serve as a space for players to fight one another to the death, but there could also be a mighty boss stationed there.


One commenter speculated that the arena could be an area for developers to test bosses and enemies that don't have a specific home in the Lands Between just yet. While it's possible that the arena was for developer use only, the world seemed too well-rendered to never see the light of day. In comparison, unfinished maps from "Dark Souls 2" were wildly colored and untextured, more the idea of a world than the world itself. The colosseum in "Elden Ring" seems more complete, as if it's waiting to be used in future content.

Another gamer, who looked into the source code of "Elden Ring," said that the game's data references potential DLC, although it doesn't specify what that content will be or when it would arrive. The gamer also noted that while they could see the alleged DLC in the files, they couldn't get it to run in the game. Still, the prospect of DLC has fans excited for a whole new chapter of "Elden Ring."


What are fans saying about DLC?

For the most part, fans seem nothing short of thrilled with the potential DLC area, and tweeted their desires for upcoming content. Although at least one player said that they don't think "Elden Ring" needs DLC, most seemed eager to continue their adventures in the Lands Between. Those that have already finished the game and accomplished its several endings seemed particularly eager for DLC.


One "Elden Ring" fan commented that future DLC has several open plotlines it could explore, like Ranni's questline and ending. While it's possible that expansions could explore the story of "Elden Ring" more deeply, the area uncovered by McDonald seemed to focus on PvP combat, not extra dungeons or bosses. However, that fans had plenty of their own ideas about what the space could be used for.

Some fans that viewed McDonald's video of the out of bounds area said it made sense for "Elden Ring" to have a dedicated PvP area, especially since the game is so expansive. Having a dedicated arena for players to battle would eliminate any terrain advantages players could exploit in the wider world of the Lands Between, and would make for a more even playing field. Others speculated that the arena could be some sort of boss rush challenge, similar to an arena in "Hollow Knight," where enemies appear in waves to challenge players.


Ultimately, it's unclear what sort of challenges could await "Elden Ring" fans, as no DLC has been announced for the game just yet. That being said, McDonald's video gave players hope that "Elden Ring" could have new content long into the future, expanding the lore of the world further and giving players a chance to duke it out in order to determine who's really the best Tarnished.