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The Elden Ring Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

"Elden Ring," the critically-acclaimed "Dark Souls" meets "Game of Thrones" mashup, was an instant success. The launch set a series record, and people were quickly pulled into the vast world of the game with clean combat and seemingly endless ways to play.


Part of the beautiful environment is a wide cast of characters whose voice actors are gorgeous in real life, too. The NPCs in "Elden Ring" are full of life and have personalities that rival NPCs of other open-world games — they have different motivations and relationships with the player that makes the game even more interesting while also adding depth. Beyond just giving the player side quests, there are even some characters that can ruin your day if you miss them.

In fact, the characters are so diverse they can be broken down into the 12 zodiac personalities. Check out your zodiac sign as an NPC in "Elden Ring."

Aries: Patches

A good way to describe the first sign of the zodiac is headstrong. Those born under Aries seem like they'd make the perfect leaders, and they're pretty quick on their feet when trying to make a decision as they trust their gut. However, because they're so quick, they generally don't do well with groups of people despite their inspirational nature. They do better on their own while forging new paths for people behind them, which leads us to the one character that connects "Elden Ring" to every other "Souls" game: Patches.


Patches is an NPC that's made multiple different – and solo – appearances throughout FromSoftware titles. In "Elden Ring," Patches makes the rash decision to fight the player. However, before he can be bested, he'll quickly come up with a plan to surrender and end up opening a shop if the player has mercy on him. That interaction alone highlights two of his gut reactions along with his headstrong nature to jump straight into a battle.

Taurus: Kenneth Haight

In a game full of people struggling to thrive with dark creatures around every corner, you'd think it would be difficult to find someone who values material goods over, well, their own life. However, the practical people born under Taurus know that there are ways to achieve what you want no matter the circumstance. In "Elden Ring," Kenneth Haight is the perfect example.


Haight will open up a quest to take back Fort Haight, which is full of enemies. While requesting your help, he'll mention "lavish" celebrations that will come after the Fort's conquering. Despite wanting the Fort under his control, he won't go get it himself like a true Taurus. Instead, he wants someone else to get his rewards for him.

Kenneth Haight's character shows off the more conniving side of Taurus, but it's not like he's a bad guy. In fact, he has many ideas about how to get the Fort up and running again after the player takes it back, and presumably he goes about getting that accomplished afterward.

Gemini: Iron First Alexander

While much of the world of "Elden Ring" is wrought with terrifying creatures, the right mind can look at all of it and want to learn more about it all. Geminis are quick to do just that, and they can come off as naive in their thirst for knowledge and where that drive can get them. In fact, the "Elden Ring" character Iron Fist Alexander is quite literally the embodiment of a Gemini's eagerness.


When you first meet Alexander, he's lodged in the ground. If you choose to help him out, you'll learn that he's on a journey for knowledge. In particular, he's trying to get to the Redmane Castle so that he can experience a "festival of combat," where he can learn more about the "ways of war." On this journey for knowledge, it seems like Alexander didn't quite take the dangers of the world into account, as he got himself pretty stuck.

Curiosity kills the cat, and Alexander must've had a few lives left before you help him out, demonstrating the naivety and wandering nature of a typical Gemini.

Cancer: Merchant Kale

Those born under Cancer can seem like walking contradictions. Their love of people and intuitive nature leads to strong relationships between family and friends. However, they can also become a bit closed-off if things get rough. Considering the world of "Elden Ring," it's safe to say that things got tough for the Cancer people in the game. The Merchant Kale in "Elden Ring" is a great example of this.


When you first meet Kale, the merchant intuitively knows that you're not a threat. From there, they'll show off their wisdom by again giving you an idea to meet a wolf in Mistwood based on an "inkling." Kale will also speak about their people and beg you to not harm them – and vow to punish those that do harm them. This protective nature, paired with the ideas the merchant has for you shows off the Cancer zodiac perfectly in rough times.

Leo: Preceptor Seluvis

The Leo zodiac sign is one of the most dramatic signs in the set. Those born under Leo love being in the spotlight and are passionate about the things they love. Because of this, they're pretty loyal to those that help them do what they enjoy, which can make them come off as a bit self-centered and rude. When it comes to the stars of the show, expect to see someone born under Leo fill the role. And who better to show that in "Elden Ring" than Preceptor Seluvis who literally wears the constellation on his giant hat and gaudy robes.


When you first meet Seluvis, he's a bit demeaning at seeing you aligned with Ranni. However, as someone who's pretty loyal to Ranni, he doesn't try to question her decision to utilize you and even mentions that he won't stand against her. With the self-centered speech and loyalty to boot, Seluvis is the incarnation of the Leo.

Virgo: Knight Bernahl

When it comes to diligent members of society, those born under Virgo are some of the best. They're well-rounded and focused on making society work around them in the most practical ways possible, which means that they can often juggle multiple roles at once. They're also great at communication, which makes them great teachers. In "Elden Ring," the Knight Bernahl is a spot-on representation of the average Virgo.


Bernahl is the standard knight in shining armor who's willing to help you master your combat better by selling Ashes of War. He explains that he wants to pass down the skills he's learned over time after questioning you about where your loyalty lies in spite of the "collapse" around the world. He's still extremely loyal to "the guidance of faith" despite everything, and he's helping society through teaching combat skills – pretty much the perfect embodiment of everything that a Virgo sign is.

Libra: Sorcerer Rogier

The Libra zodiac is the embodiment of people who are nice for the sole reason of being nice. People born under the sign are natural romantics who strive for peaceful vibes around them. Because of this, they're very sympathetic to others and are great listeners. They're also quick to make friends and don't hold things against people very often or for very long.


"Elden Ring" isn't exactly what one would call a peaceful game, but there are some characters who seem to enjoy keeping a peaceful aura around them. The Sorcerer Rogier is one of them, and his friendly and optimistic nature is shown off in interactions with him. He's quick to trust you, and he'll share Ashes of War with you for a small price out of the kindness in his heart. His efforts at keeping peace with those around him is a great way to show off the better side of the Libra zodiac.

Scorpio: Sorceress Sellen

Those born under Scorpio are among the most intuitive people, which serves them well as they often want to understand people and how they think. They're straightforward and can come off as a bit rude at times because of their upfront and almost confrontational words. It doesn't help that they also see the world in very black and white terms. In "Elden Ring," this is most seen in the Sorceress Sellen.


Sellen is a master Sorceress who takes the player in as an apprentice and who's almost unmatched in wisdom. After taking you on, she warns the player that she's very straightforward and that she doesn't hold back in her criticism, and there are several times when she seems downright insulting. However, despite how cold she comes across, she still actually teaches you and helps you. Her upfront personality and intense attitude show off her Scorpio ways.

Sagittarius: Melina

While the thirst for knowledge is the mark of several zodiac signs, none of them are quite as willing to give everything up to find the truth as those born under Sagittarius are. These people will go to the ends of the earth to discover the truth about something – including the purpose of life – and they don't like to feel tied down in case the need to get up and learn strikes. Melina in "Elden Ring" is the perfect example of this.


In "Elden Ring," you'll meet Melina, a character who offers to "play the role" of a maiden after informing you that you're maidenless. She accompanies you throughout much of the game, and her reasoning for doing so is to reach the Erdtree. Melina explains that she's trying to reach the Erdtree in order to learn her purpose. That reasoning and her journey with you are spot-on characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac.

Capricorn: Fia

If you're looking for a hardworking, dedicated, and patient person, then look at those born under Capricorn. These people know that sometimes things take time and relentless effort to get done, and they'll happily wait and push forward steadily. There's a character in "Elden Ring" you don't want to hug named Fia, and she's the perfect example of this.


Fia asks you if she can hold you and absorb your "vigor," waiting at the Roundtable Hold for people to accept. This small task, which results in a debuff that you can get rid of easily, has her staying at the Roundtable Hold the entire game. She knows what she wants, and she stubbornly stays put while waiting for people to come and accept the Baldachin's Blessing from her hugs. No one knows how long she's been there, but she stays steadfast in her attempts to pass out free hugs.

Aquarius: White-Faced Varre

There are some people who just want to make the world a better place for everyone living in it. These kinds of people strive to fight for justice and innovate society to be the best it can be. Oftentimes, these people are born under Aquarius. They'll help those around them with no second thoughts simply because it's the right thing to do. While "Elden Ring" isn't the kind of place where social justice is the top priority, the game opens up with a character that's ready to just help you as you need it.


White-Faced Varre explains that he's there to help the maidenless and the Tarnished despite their bleak-looking future. At the beginning of the game, he doesn't know you from any of the other Tarnished that appear. However, he's quick to help you just like an Aquarius would be — help comes first and then questions if any are ever asked.

Pisces: Palm Readers

Those born under Pisces are known for being the most empathetic people. After all, they're the last of the 12 zodiac signs, and they generally encompass a bit of everything that comes before them. These people are in-tune with their gut, making them extremely intuitive and guiders of the more spiritual side of life. They're also natural drifters, as they listen to their own feelings to get through life, going where they feel led. The Palm Readers in "Elden Ring" are a perfect example.


The Palm Readers embody the more spiritual side of the Pisces. They live up to their name, as their only real purpose is to read your hand, which they'll use to tell the future. They can be found scattered around the map, and there's not really anything to differentiate them from each other except for their location. They're a bit mysterious, but their connection to the spiritual realm makes them good representations for the Pisces zodiac sign.