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The Actress Who Plays Ranni The Witch In Elden Ring Is Gorgeous In Real Life

Voice actors are often one of those things that only adults notice in any given game, and that's no exception with "Elden Ring," the latest and greatest title from FromSoftware. Gamers are still enjoying traipsing through the game's many hidden areas, dying in the worst ways, and attempting to beat the game in record time, but some are also recognizing the brilliant v voice cast behind the game.

One of the endings of "Elden Ring" features Ranni, a witch seemingly trapped in the body of a doll. Ranni appears to players early in the game, offering them a summoning bell in order to access a key mechanic of combat. Missing Ranni on a playthrough can seriously ruin a player's day, but missing out on learning more about her voice actor would also be a mistake. The voice of Ranni is none other than Aimee-Ffion Edwards, a lovely Welsh voice actor who brings a certain softness to the reclusive witch. Like Ranni, Edwards is both gorgeous and talented.

Where have fans heard her before?

Fans might recognize Edwards from her roles on shows like "Peaky Blinders," but the actress has done more than appear on British dramas. Edwards appeared in "Detectorists," a quirky show about the metal detecting community, and she's more and more frequently trying out voice acting roles. Fans might have heard Edwards both in video games and in animated series like "101 Dalmation Street," an adaptation of Disney's "101 Dalmations." In the gaming world, Edwards played Rachel Baker in cult classic walking simulator "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture," and she also appeared as a supporting voice in "Assassin's Creed: Valhalla."

Most striking about Edwards is her lilting Welsh accent, which sounds soothing and bright, bringing life to Ranni. The talent agency Edwards works with, Sue Terry Voices, offers up some information about Edwards and provides samples of her voice for fans (and potential employers) to get an idea of all the different accents Edwards is capable of. While Edwards is Welsh and speaks Welsh fluently, she can also execute a perfect Cockney accent or a more neutral British dialect. In each clip, Edwards lives up to the site's description of her voice: "innocent, fresh, quirky, and funny."

Edwards speaks about powerful women she's played

Edwards is very private about her personal life, forgoing social media like Twitter or Instagram and letting her work speak for itself. In a rare interview with the cast of "Albion: The Legend of Arthur" (an Audible original audio drama), Edwards spoke about playing Guinevere, one of the most important figures in Arthurian legend. Edwards explained that she felt honored to play Guinevere because she's a "strong female warrior" who is respected by others because of her immense power.

As Ranni, Edwards dulls her usually bright, energetic voice to take on a quieter, more neutral tone. Just as she commands armies in "Albion" as Guinevere, she exudes a certain sternness as Ranni, while still maintaining an almost childlike lightness to her performance – which is perfect, considering Ranni is trapped within a doll for most of the game.

Fans of Edwards will have to wait and watch closely to see what she does next, as they likely won't be hearing it from her.