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Dead Space Remake Release Window, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

"Dead Space" is hands-down one of the best horror games of all time, which makes the fact that the first game in the series is getting a modern remake all the more exciting. The 2008 title was successful enough to merit two additional main series games, as well as a few spinoffs on the side. A gory third-person survival horror experience, "Dead Space" puts players in the shoes of a spaceship engineer named Isaac Clarke, who is tasked with tearing monstrous invaders apart limb from limb — literally.


Fans have been chomping at the bit for "Dead Space" remake news since it was announced. The game was first teased through an EA rumor that started circulating in June 2021, and it was officially revealed during the EA Play Live event on July 22, 2021 with an announcement trailer. In the meantime, the developers have started ramping up promotion and giving fans of the franchise a lot to look forward to. Here is everything that's been revealed so far about the "Dead Space" remake.

When is the release window for Dead Space?

According to a tweet shared by the "Dead Space" account on March 11, 2022, the new "Dead Space" will be arriving sometime in "early 2023."

Published by EA and developed by the company's own Motive Studios, it's clear the team behind "Dead Space" is keeping the pedal to the metal. As revealed in more detail during March 2022's "The Sound of Fear Reimagined" Audio Developer Livestream, this release window is about as concrete as it gets, so delays are unlikely. In fact, "Dead Space Remake" senior producer Philippe Ducharme shared during the stream that they "have a date in mind."


Ducharme went on to share that the game is in a pre-alpha state, but that the developers are "actually just a couple weeks away from being able to do our first full walkthrough of the game." All in all, he feels confident the team is "in a solid position to be able to do the proper polish ... and to meet the date that we have in mind." So, barring any major setbacks or changes, "Dead Space" fans have good reason to be optimistic about this update.

Is there a trailer for Dead Space?

Luckily for fans who have to wait till 2023, there are quite a few sneak peeks available for "Dead Space." The first of these is the announcement trailer from EA Play Live 2021, which gave fans a minute-long look at some of the game's dark atmosphere, including eerie audio, flickering lights, and even a quick glimpse at Isaac Clarke reading a blood-written message imploring him to "CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS."


Additionally, the March 11 dev stream was a 50-minute-long look — or listen — at footage from the original "Dead Space" compared with clips from the remake. The detailed stream has since been broken up into clips by topic, including sections on audio occlusion, weapon sound effects comparisons, an atmospheric walkthrough, and the A.L.I.V.E system, which focuses on adrenaline, limbic system response, intelligent dialogue, and vitals. The contrast between the classic and the remake is stark, as the audio design and atmosphere are much more intricate and detailed than they have been before.

What is gameplay like in Dead Space?

Despite all the juicy production details that have been shared, not much has been revealed about the specific gameplay loop for "Dead Space." Of course, fans of the original game can expect some of the same key elements, like playing as Isaac from the third-person perspective and dismembering Necromorphs in a quest for survival.


Given all the focus on design and production value, as well as the fact that "Dead Space" is releasing for more powerful platforms — namely PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC — players can expect a much more modern take on the game they know and love that harnesses the power of today's gaming technology. While it's unknown if there will be any new additions or big plot changes, it seems likely the remake will contain just enough elements to draw in those familiar with the original.

As the audio director Olivier Asselin shared in the dev stream, a guiding question for the team is "how do we stay true to the original game?" They put this into action by "always look[ing] at the game first before we start a chapter" and "play[ing] a chapter from the original before we start a feature."


By the looks of things, "Dead Space Remake" will be a hit for fans of the original, playing similarly to the beloved classic while still featuring significant next-gen improvements.