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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl: How To Trade With Global Wonder Station

Game Freak and the Pokemon Company don't seem too interested in resting on their laurels after the massive success of "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." Not only did the Pokemon Company recently reveal "Pokemon Scarlet and Violet," the next generation of Pokemon games releasing later this year, but it also continues to update "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl." 

The latest update added a controversial Arceus event, but also finally opened the Global Wonder Station in-game, letting players trade with random people across the globe. While the remakes of "Pokemon Diamond" and "Pearl" don't rank terribly high in the best Pokemon games of all time, it's definitely nice for hardcore fans to see the game continue to grow.

As reported by VGC, The Global Wonder Station has been present in "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" since the game launched in November, just with a note informing Trainers that it wasn't ready yet. Well, roughly four months after launch, the machine is active and ready for players to use. Here's how to use the Global Wonder Station in "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl."

Head to Jubilife City to access the Global Wonder Station

To trade Pokemon with people around the world, players now have the option of using the Global Wonder Station inside the system's dedicate building in Jubilife City, which had been previously blocked before the update. When using the Global Wonder Station, players are presented with a bunch of points on the globe. After players choose a point, the game will link them up with another player close to that point to begin a trade. Players will also earn points from using the system, which can be exchanged for Rare Candy to level up their Pokemon.

It's still unclear why the Global Wonder Station took four months to fully make it into the game. Serebii.net owner Joe Merrick speculated about the cause of the delay on Twitter, saying it's likely the devs wanted to make sure they fixed all of the bugs and glitches the station had in the original games, some of which allowed people to duplicate Pokemon. Merrick believes it took longer than expected to patch these issues, which would make sense. After all, "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl" both launched with plenty of glitches still present from the original versions of the games.