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How To Get Elden Ring's Incantation Scarab Helmet

"Elden Ring" is the hit new title developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco that has already become one of the top games of 2022, selling 12 million copies in its first 18 days (via Polygon). If you're one of those millions of players digging into the world of the Lands Between, chances are you could use a little help. 

Unlike previous games by From Software, "Elden Ring" is open-world style, allowing the player to explore the Lands Between in practically any direction from the get-go. But like "Demon's Souls," the "Dark Souls" franchise, and "Bloodborne," "Elden Ring" can still be a punishingly difficult slog. Enemies can be unforgiving, and the game isn't always forthcoming with details on how to overcome them. Having the right gear to complement your play style makes the game much easier.

If your build relies heavily on Incantations, the various magical spells that are powered by a Sacred Seal, one essential piece of gear is the Incantation Scarab helmet, which reduces the cost of casting each Incantation–although that comes at the cost of absorbing less damage. Acquiring it takes multiple steps, but the good news is you can access it very early in the game, and you don't have to fight one of the game's tough bosses

The Incantation Scarab Helmet spawns on the southern shore of Lake Agheel, after you collect the Homing Instinct painting

In order to make the Incantation Scarab spawn in the game world, first you'll need to interact with the Homing Instinct Painting. It can be found inside the Artist's Shack in Limgrave. If you haven't discovered the Artist's Shack, it's a brief trip northeast from Lake Agheel. It also has a Site of Lost Grace located just outside. 

Travel north of the Church of Elleh, then turn east at the Gatefront Ruins. After crossing the bridge, take the path north. Look for the off-road path, which will lead you to the Artist's Shack. Inside, you'll find the Homing Instinct Painting. It glows with a faint ringing sound, and it shows a set of graves in front of an arch. Examine the painting and it will be added to your inventory.

Next, travel to the southern shore of Lake Agheel. The closest nearby Site of Lost Grace is Seaside Ruins. The spot you're looking for is a short distance to the northwest of Seaside Ruins. Look for the same set of graves in front of a ruined archway as in the painting.

Once there, you'll see a ghostly figure sitting in a chair, looking at the archway –- the late artist. Approaching causes them to disappear, but in their place you'll find the Incantation Scarab Helmet (via 100% Guides).