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Elden Ring Players Discover Bizarre Cut Item

Players are still unlocking various secrets in "Elden Ring," the latest game by FromSoftware. Many players are going beyond the base game, using mods to uncover details abandoned in development or used for testing. For example, one gamer used mods to access a hidden area that suggested the game might introduce a PvP arena sometime in the future. Another hacker set their sights on circumventing anti-cheat software to expose faults in "Elden Ring" and hopefully make it better. And while hackers and modders are infiltrating the code of "Elden Ring," fans are breaking records and establishing impressive speed runs for the future.

That's all great, but when one goes poking around inside a game, they don't always find hints at the future. Sometimes, they find weird development quirks that were left behind for a reason. The "Deathbed Smalls," is a set of fancy underclothes tucked away in the code of "Elden Ring," and fans are absolutely perplexed as to why it was ditched from the final copy of the game. The Deathbed Smalls must have been cut late in the game's development, as they are programmed with stats, just like any other piece of armor. Even more interesting is where players would originally have obtained the armor.

Fia's the key

It seems that the Deathbed Smalls are actually worn by an NPC in "Elden Ring." Fia, the one character you don't want to hug, wears the elaborate undergarments under her long, flowing robe. How do players know this? As is inevitable with all games from FromSoftware, players have closely examined NPCs to get a look at them from every angle. Some players found that Fia, who is mostly covered from head to toe, is hiding a surprise undergarment underneath her robe. It makes sense, considering the name of the Deathbed Smalls. Fia is a Deathbed Companion, a person who lays with the dead, hoping to impart some vigor back into the corpse's bones. Players can obtain the Deathbed Dress from Fia's questline, but to unlock the Deathbed Smalls they'll have to use alternative means.

Of course, some astute player has actually worn the Deathbed Smalls. According to Attack of the Fanboy, anyone seeking the elaborate undergarment will have to use a cheat engine using Code 1930300, which is what the item goes by in the game's programming. Unfortunately, the Deathbed Smalls don't have great protective abilities. At least they look cool.

For now, fans will have to either use cheats to obtain the Deathbed Smalls or, as one Twitter user suggested, bully FromSoftware into adding the item in the future.