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The Actress Who Plays Elizabeth In BioShock Infinite Is Gorgeous In Real Life

There are two major components in which the story of the hit video game "BioShock Infinite" spins — there's always a lighthouse, and a single choice can have a huge impact on the in-game reality. Set in 1912, "BioShock Infinite" takes place in a city suspended high above the ground with a series of floating balloons and a mysterious particle locked in a quantum state, and serves as the building block for the sprawling aerial city known as Columbia. However, this supposed paradise in the sky is far from it, and the city reeks of racism and jingoistic posturing beneath the veneer of its brightly-colored surface.

Columbia is run by a religious despot known as Zachary Hale Comstock (Kiff VandenHeuval), who is wildly regarded as a prophet for his visions of the future. The city itself is also host to strange, anachronistic technologies that seem out of place in the early 20th century city, and for good reason. Comstock has access to alternate realities, and the genius work of the Lutece Siblings (Oliver Vaquer and Jennifer Hale) allows them to shape reality. 

At the center of the plot, however, is Elizabeth, who spends most of her life imprisoned in a tower that is secretly siphoning her power to open tears into other dimensions. Elizabeth not only appears in "BioShock: Infinite," but also its two-part expansion pack "Burial At Sea," but some fans may not have realized that the voice actress who plays the role is absolutely gorgeous in real life.

Courtnee Draper is a multifaceted actress

Perhaps one of the first times players get a chance to see the beautiful Courtnee Draper, who plays Elizabeth, in the flesh is during the end credits. Behind-the-scenes footage rolls as the credits stream by, and the actress who plays the central protagonist, Booker (Troy Baker of "The Last of Us" fame), plays the guitar, while Draper sings the classic song, "Will The Circle Be Unbroken." 

The song selection parallels the overall theme of "BioShock Infinite" and highlights the singing skills of the famous actress, along with her pleasantness and understanding. In an interview with Gameranx, Draper said of her experience, "The coolest thing for me was ... I really liked being exposed to a completely different medium and the learning curve in doing a game was very sharp. I wasn't very familiar with the current video games, so learning all of that in the last two and half years has been really amazing."

Not only does Draper lend her soothing voice to the game, but she has also appeared in person in episodes of "Veronica Mars," "The Days," and "CSI: Miami," per IMDb. Her voice-actress roles have included "Kingdom Hearts II," "Alien Rage," and the remake of "Final Fantasy VII." Needless to say, Draper's performance as Elizabeth is one of the most endearing parts of "BioShock Infinite," and the actress's demeanor and voice work truly brought the character to life. Just don't trust her if she offers a baptism!