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The Important Detail You Missed On Halo 3's Bullet Casings

It's hard to find a science fiction shooter more beloved by gamers than "Halo." Developed by Bungie, the original "Halo" trilogy follows the story of Master Chief, a genetically enhanced super-soldier fighting for humanity against the alien race known as The Covenant. Not only do the "Halo" games feature an engaging story, but they are also massive games with gigantic maps, large enemy variety, and a handful of unique guns that give every game in the series a seemingly infinite amount of replayability.


Although Bungie continued to push the Xbox and the Xbox 360 to their absolute limits with excessive weapons and huge environments for the player to mess with, they also knew gamers would sometimes take a break from the firefights to appreciate the small details. Because of this, the developers liked to add Easter eggs for players to discover, like the collectible Skulls in "Halo 2" and "Halo 3," or the hidden music cues in "Halo: Combat Evolved."

However, one of the coolest Easter eggs the "Halo" series has to offer is impossible to spot under normal circumstances, with many players unaware of its existence for years.

A bullet for the Chief

One of the easiest Easter eggs to miss in the "Halo" series is in "Halo 3," and was brought to the internet's attention by TheGamer. But you won't come across this secret Easter egg while playing a multiplayer match or blasting Grunts during a story mission. Instead, the only way to make it visible is to head over to Theater Mode. Theater Mode is unique to "Halo 3" and allows gamers to take complete control of their recorded gameplay footage.


In Theater Mode, if the user zooms in on the backside of any bullet casing fired from a human weapon, they will see two inscriptions etched onto the bullet: "Chief" and "EG-X." The word "Chief" is undoubtedly a reference to Master Chief himself. Surprisingly, some gamers have been this hidden Easter egg for the first time in 2022 through the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One and PC — a true testament to the staying power of "Halo."