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The Real Reason QTCinderella Went Private On Social Media

Occurring live in Los Angeles, California on March 12, The Streamer Awards was the first of its kind. While streamers and content creators have regularly been acknowledged at more traditional award shows associated with gaming – such as The Game Awards – this particular subset of gaming culture has rarely had its own platform to reward people in the industry. That all changed when popular streamer and Team SoloMid content creator QTCinderella announced the formation of The Streamer Awards in February, offering a broader pool of content creators from all genres the opportunity to receive recognition for their achievements within the space.

Overall, the event was largely a success. It had some of the most popular streamers on Twitch and other platforms in attendance as a total of 27 awards were divvied out per a combination of fan and panel voting, which allegedly consisted of 70% and 30% of each vote, respectively (via The Streamer Awards). Despite these checks and balances being in place, one winner in particular generated a ton of backlash and shrouded the event in scandal. In the aftermath of the controversy, QTCinderella has gone private on Twitter, the real reason being as a result of said backlash as a result of one award in particular.

QTCinderella is taking a break from social media due to negativity

Of the 27 awards given out at The Streamer Awards, Ludwig emerged victorious as the "Streamer of the Year." While many fans and colleagues expressed support for Ludwig's win, many others expressed distrust in the voting process and alleged that the entire event was rigged due to Ludwig's romantic connection to QTCinderella. In a Twitter post confirming Ludwig's being named "Streamer of the Year," several replies stated that popular streamer xQc should've won. In turn, QTCinderella was bombarded by similar replies.

According to TheGamer, QTCinderella has since set her Twitter account to private to avoid harassment. "Putting my account on private and taking a break from Twitter for a few days," QTCinderella said on Twitter before adjusting her privacy settings. "I hit a wall with the negativity and genuinely am not built to handle it. See you in a few." Outside of disgruntled viewers expressing their anger with Ludwig winning the show's top award, QTCinderella has also faced backlash on smaller, more petty issues such as the clips shown at The Streamer Awards and even the seating plan, causing her to be "overwhelmed" as a result of the show as opposed to feeling validation for getting it off the ground to begin with.