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Apex Legends' Biggest Leak Ever Reveals Nine Characters

Respawn Entertainment's "Apex Legends" is one of the most popular battle royales available, with millions of gamers logging in each day to compete for the title of Champion. Unfortunately, however, "Apex Legends" suffers from a major flaw: Because "Apex Legends" is a live service game, gamers expect frequent updates and news from the developers. However, compared to games like "Fortnite," "Apex Legends" updates are less regular, often forcing fans to wait longer between updates.

But not everyone has the patience to wait for official news from their favorite games, which is some skilled individuals take it upon themselves to datamine the existing content in the game. Datamining is when a user delves into a game's data files, sorts them out, and analyzes the information contained therein to uncover hints at what the developers are working on. For example, a group of dataminers recently discovered the working titles for multiple upcoming Valve games, which had "Half-Life" fans going wild.

Now, a dataminer has released a massive dump of information from "Apex Legends" that not only indicates the game's direction in the near future, but also provides specific details on new champions and maps.

A recent datamine showcases new Legends

On March 22, 2022, a post appeared on the ApexUncovered subreddit listing a now-deleted file full of potential changes coming to "Apex Legends." And while it's true leaks like this can be faked relatively easily, this one appeared to be different. It featured lengthy videos alongside the posted screenshots, leading many to believe this leak was real.

The most significant section of the leak was undoubtedly the Legends reveal. In the post, there are nine unreleased Legends listed. These legends include Conduit, Scryer, Uplink, Newcastle, Vantage, Catalyst, Phantom, Caliber, and Jester. And because each Legend had their unique abilities listed alongside them, we can guess what type of Legends each of them are. Uplink, Newcastle, and Conduit appear to be support Legends, while the rest seem to be a mix between recon and offensive Legends. However, it's worth keeping in mind that all of the content listed will likely go through multiple reworks and tweaks during development, so what you see in the leaks may differ from what's officially released.

Additionally, the leaks touted a great deal of other content that could be making its way to the game, including new maps, weapon skins, weapon attachments, and heirlooms. Fans will want to keep their eyes peeled to find out which of these concepts are eventually added to "Apex Legends."