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The Real Reason Pokimane And xQc Were Almost Banned From Fortnite

Despite already being a massively popular title, "Fortnite" has recently experienced yet another surge of newfound relevancy after Epic announced that Chapter 3 Season 2 would be launching without the game's notorious building mechanics. With recent leaks suggesting that such a change is possibly permanent, many gamers have returned to "Fortnite" in order to experience the game in this new state where building is no longer a viable strategy for its most seasoned players, a feature many see as a step in the right direction.

Popular streamers Pokimane and xQc are among the players that have returned to "Fortnite" to get a lay of the land without the famous building mechanic. So far, it seems the two have enjoyed their experience. However, on a recent stream, the two narrowly avoided a serious penalty as a result of them breaking some of the in-game rules, and possibly even cheating. But what exactly did they do? Here's the real reason xQc and Pokimane were almost banned from "Fortnite."

Pokimane and xQc were kicked out of a Fortnite match for 'teaming' with cheaters

During a stream on March 25, Pokimane and xQc came across a litany of other players while playing in "Fortnite" who apparently wanted badly to be seen by either one of their large Twitch stream audiences, according to Dexerto. As opposed to being annoyed by the sudden mobbing, both xQc and Pokimane decided to have fun with it. xQc even went as far as to start giving the players orders to slide down a hill they were all positioned on. However, the automated moderators at "Fortnite" took exception to this, kicking them both out of the game for "teaming," a cheating strategy used in battle royale matches in which two or more players (or teams of players) temporarily form an alliance in order to better their chances of making it to the end.

Upon being kicked, both Pokimane and xQc sat in stunned in silence. Poki broke the long silence, asking xQc, "Did you get kicked too?" xQc confirmed that the two were kicked and that it was likely the result of them being reported. Being their first offense, the duo weren't banned from the game entirely. "Oh my god, I'm so glad we're not fully banned," Pokimane said as she and xQc lobbied up. "I actually thought we might be fully banned."

The issue itself stemmed from them "collaborating" with players in a regular game, as opposed to a custom match.