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BioShock's Latest Updates Are Turning Heads

"Bioshock Infinite" was released nearly a decade ago and it received its final piece of DLC shortly after that, so it's understandable that some fans are confused as to why the game continues to receive updates on PC. Not only is "Bioshock Infinite" still being updated on PC, but it's also being updated multiple times a month, and nobody knows why. The trend started in September 2021 and "Bioshock Infinite" has continued to receive multiple updates a month, sometimes hitting up to ten updates. Someone brought this strange phenomenon up on the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit, but it seems like nobody has an answer.

One person linked to a post from September 2021 asking about the "Bioshock Infinite" updates, stating that it was related to 2K working on its own PC launcher integration. While that explanation made sense at the time, months of multiple updates make that claim a bit more suspicious. Another commenter pointed out that the massive Nvidia leak had a listing for a "Bioshock RTX Remaster" and that perhaps these updates are preparing for that. While most "Bioshock" fans are eagerly waiting for "Bioshock 4," which is rumored to be having some development issues, some fans might be willing to play a remastered version of "Bioshock Infinite," especially since it didn't get the same treatment as "Bioshock" and "Bioshock 2" when the collection was released. However, there's another reason that "Infinite" could be receiving the mysterious updates.

Other possible reasons for all of Bioshock Infinite's updates

Another user suggested that these updates could be preparing for a new DLC for "Bioshock Infinite" that connects to the new game. While that certainly seems like a stretch, it wouldn't be the first time an older game received DLC super late to connect to the new game. "Borderlands 2" received the "Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary" DLC in June 2019, despite the game originally releasing in 2012, serving as a lead in to the story of "Borderlands 3." Both "Borderlands" and "Bioshock" are published by 2K, so it's not completely impossible, if just unlikely. Perhaps it could evenĀ reintroduce concepts cut from the original game.

Regardless of whatever this turns out to be, even if it turns out to be nothing, the fact that people are even noticing the updates means there is still some excitement around the "Bioshock" franchise. While "Bioshock Infinite" was polarizing for fans and had some scenes that were inappropriate at the time, people are still clamoring for more "Bioshock" all these years later. While fans might be disappointed if this is just 2K working on its PC launcher, at least "Bioshock 4" is confirmed to be releasing eventually.