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Things Are Looking Bad For BioShock 4 In New Report

Things aren't looking so great for the next "Bioshock" game or for the studio making it. "Bioshock 4" was confirmed to be in development by Cloud Chamber, a new studio under 2K, back in 2019, but since then it has not been shown or given an estimated release window. "Bioshock" creator Ken Levine went on to start his own studio, which reportedly has been struggling to make games. Now it seems that Cloud Chamber might be having issues of its own, according to one leaker.

Oops Leaks on Twitter said that Cloud Chamber has lost around 40 employees due to development issues on the project, including multiple leads. They explained that 2K has not been happy with the results nor the pace the team has had since starting development. Despite these issues, Take-Two did not shift its financial forecast, leading Oops Leaks to believe the game is still scheduled to be released prior to 2024. Oops Leaks clarified that some employees left and that some were fired for various reasons, but it's closer to a restructuring than full on "development hell." It's possible the game will be delayed because of these issues, but without an announced release date it will be difficult to know for sure. As always, take these leaks (and any leaks that come from an anonymous Twitter account) with a grain of salt. This isn't the first time Oops Leaks has shared information about "Bioshock," though.

More leaked information about Bioshock 4

Oops Leaks has shared information about the new "Bioshock" title in the past. They previously shared that the working title for the game is "Bioshock Isolation" with the game taking place in a new dystopian city. They also previously shared alleged slides from a pitch meeting, showing possible concepts for the game like two opposing cities existing on top of each other. That said, Oops Leaks themselves said this information came from early development conversations and could very easily be out of date by the time "Bioshock 4" is actually revealed. One other claim they made is that "Bioshock 4" is slated to be announced sometime in the first half of 2022, with it possibly releasing later this year.

For now, people will need to wait for 2K and Cloud Chamber to make an official announcement before anything about the new "Bioshock" is actually confirmed. The only hint from the company itself that anything "Bioshock 4" related might be on the horizon was the announcement that Netflix is making a "Bioshock" movie. While the two are likely unrelated, the Netflix deal was announced without any real details, so it could have been a marketing move to get "Bioshock" back on people's minds.