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Streamers Take JasonR's Controversial Comments To Task

There are a lot of great things about Twitch. As a platform, it provides free entertainment where viewers can interact with their favorite streamers, check out new games, and enjoy a variety of creative live content. Twitch also has a bit of a shady side, as well. The platform has a serious issue with toxic gamers and doesn't do as good a job as it could when it comes to fielding harassment. This isn't just a problem with the viewers, either. Many streamers are guilty of harassment as well, and unfortunately, their platforms give them a much bigger voice.

Twitch streamer Jason "JasonR" Ruchelski has made quite a few controversial comments about playing with women over the last few years. He has been accused of "dodging" female players in "Valorant" by muting them or disconnecting from the game in order to get into a new lobby. He has also been accused of banning women in his chat simply for being women. JasonR has argued that he does this out of respect for his wife, who may also be involved in the banning, although many of his comments have allegedly been misogynistic. In 2018, he stated on stream, "I f***ing ban these hoes. Every single girl on Twitch is a little f***ing hoe." Numerous streamers have taken note of JasonR's behavior and decided to call him out on it.

Streamers call out JasonR

The YouTube channel Lundervil shared a video featuring an argument that streamer Tarik had with JasonR on his stream. JasonR accused Tarik of being an "L friend." When Tarik asked him why, JasonR explained that because Tarik had spent time with him and his girlfriend, that put him in a unique position to stand up for him, but he accused Tarik of being quiet and not standing up for his friend. Tarik responded that he'd not been quiet. "I've hung out with you and your girlfriend, sure, but it doesn't take away from the fact that there's undeniable, indisputable evidence that you clearly dodge queues vs. girls. If I play with you, then it seems like I support that behavior and I don't."

QTCinderella sent out a tweet featuring a screenshot of a post from Brazilian fitness model Eva Andressa's OnlyFans Twitter account appearing on JasonR's Twitter likes. Above the image, QTCinderella wrote, "man I would HATE to disrespect my wife by playing games with women and having them in my chat," pointing out the contradictions between his behavior and the excuses he makes for it.

Twitch streamer and Cloud9 pro "Valorant" player Annie Dro has also spoken out about JasonR's behavior on Twitter. "50+ women have experienced the Jason R effect," she stated. "He is manipulating his audience and gaslighting them by saying he crashed every time." She went on to argue in a subtweet that even those who are okay with him muting and avoiding playing with women should be upset that he is manipulating his audience.