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Apex Legends: Everything Added In The Warriors Collection Event

The battle royale genre is a highly competitive market in gaming. While "Fortnite" has continued to be the first name in BR-style gaming, thanks to continued updates and innovations — like the new "No Build" mode — many formidable alternatives have stepped up to the plate with their own interpretations. These competing games include hits like "Call of Duty: Warzone" and "PUBG," but one game has truly set itself apart from the rest: "Apex Legends." Released in 2019, EA and Respawn Entertainment's "Apex Legends" became something of a sleeper hit, earning praise for its unique take on battle royale and its ability to move beyond the genre and offer players more diverse experiences.

Having just celebrated its three-year anniversary, "Apex Legends" has announced a brand new, limited-time Warriors Collection Event. This is a huge update for the game, bringing with a shiny new coat of paint and plenty of exciting extras. But what's new about this exclusive limited-time event? Here's everything that's been added to "Apex Legends" as part of the Warriors Collection Event.

Apex Legends will receive a Next-Gen upgrade

Possibly the biggest addition coming to "Apex Legends" is the next-gen update for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Unlike the recent "Grand Theft Auto 5" next-gen update, which required gamers to make a separate purchase, "Apex Legends" will be rolling out its new optimized build as part of a free update that coincides with the Warriors Collection Event.

According to EA's press release, these next-gen updates include 4K output, a 60hz refresh rate, and high-dynamic range (HDR) support across all next-gen consoles. Further upgrades, which include "higher resolution shadow maps" and "greater [level of detail] distances" will be exclusive to the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, and will not be available for players on the Xbox Series S. 120hz gameplay, adaptive triggers, and a greater degree of haptic feedback will also be made available in future updates.

Players on the Xbox Series X|S will receive these upgrades automatically through the consoles' Smart Delivery system. PlayStation 5 players, meanwhile, must manually download this update.

The return of Control mode

Of course, "Apex Legends" is primarily a battle royale experience in which several teams of players fight it out to see who will be the last ones standings, and that will remain the game's bread and butter in the future. However, some variation is always a good thing. And in that spirit, "Apex Legends" will be bringing back a previously featured mode during the Warriors Collection Event: Control.

For the uninitiated, Control is a 9-v-9 game mode the resembles a mixture of the classic "capture the flag" and "domination" modes seen in other first-person shooters. In this mode, two teams battle for control of designated areas — known as "flags" — on the map while having an infinite number of medkits and respawns at their disposal. The objective of Control is for one team to reach a total of 1,250 points. One point is earned for each second players are alive, with additional points coming by way of holding captured territories. In keeping with tradition of similar modes, players are also given the choice of a pre-selected loadout, as opposed to the traditional "Apex Legends" experience in which players must use whatever they find on the battlefield.

Much like it was during Season 12, Control's return will be a two-week limited-time event, running from March 29 through April 12. 

Event-themed items

No timed event is complete without its exclusive items, and the Warriors Collection Event is no different. In total, the event will boast 24 exclusive items that can obtained during its two-week cycle. These items include additional Legendary skins and cosmetics for select Legends, such as the "Synthetic Huntress" Ash Skin, "Riding Dirty" Octane Skin, "Jewel Olympus" Horizon Skin, and the "Combat Survivalist" Lifeline Skin. 

Alongside daily challenge refreshes, players will be able to obtain up to 1,600 points per day in pursuit of items exclusive to the Warriors Collection Event. If grinding isn't really your thing, "Apex Legends" also allows players to purchase all 24 items directly in exchange for Apex Coins or Crafted Metals. Items will also be available in special Warriors Event Apex Packs.

Upon collecting all 24 items, players will be rewarded further with Crypto's Heirloom: the Biwon Blade! Assuming players don't collect all 24 items, the Biwon Blade will be available for purchase in the Mythic store for the price of 150 heirloom shards (via Dexerto).

The debut of the new Drop-Off map

In "Apex Legends," matches all take place on mode-specific maps. These maps have included the likes of Kings Canyon, World's Edge, Olympus, and Storm Point. However, for Arena-based modes — such as Control — a different playlist of maps is offered. These have included Party Crasher, Phase Runner, Overflow, Encore, Habitat 4 to this point. And when it comes to Arena play, you can now add a new map to that list: Drop-Off.

Located on the planet of Psamathe above the city of Malta, Drop-Off is a manufacturing tower is converted into a battle arena when the sun sets. Drop-Off is divided into multiple sections for varied fighting experiences, including the Observation Deck, Deployment Line, and the Loading Bay. The map will be available for players participating in 3-v-3 Arena modes.

Given the diversity of the map, players can likely expect Drop-Off to provide a unique experience each time they load into it!