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This Elden Ring 'Mech Suit' Build Is Blowing Fans' Minds

There are many ways in which players can approach "Elden Ring" from a strategic standpoint. For some, labelling random non-threatening creatures scattered throughout The Lands Between as different types of "dog" proved to be effective at certain points in the game. Some players have even discovered that playing "naked" is a viable strategy for the Tarnished. And as the game continues to grow in popularity and more players begin experimenting with different items and spells, it's only natural that more unorthodox methods of playing "Elden Ring" have come to light. One such strategy was recently shared to the internet, which shows one "Elden Ring" fan playing in what can only be described as a "mech suit" build.


Adam Barker — a YouTuber best known for creating content based around FromSoftware titles such as "Elden Ring" and "Dark Souls" — posted a video showcasing a unique character build that essentially rendered him overpowered and nearly indestructible. He dubbed this build the "Armored Core" (a reference to the mech-based game series created by FromSoftware) in the video's description. 

The video blew "Elden Ring" fans' mind as they watched the YouTuber effortlessly blast his way through enemies. Here's how Adam Barker assembled this mech build.

How this Elden Ring 'mech suit' was created

In the beginning of Adam Barker's video, he shows his character using a mixture of consumables to make the build work. This particular cocktail of consumables includes the use of Ironjar AromaticCerulean Hidden Tear, and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear. The Ironjar Aromatric uses Focus Points (FP) to turn the player's body into steel, while the Cerulean Hidden Tear and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear eliminate FP consumption and convert damage into health points (HP) respectively. 


While using all of these elements in tandem, Barker then unleashes the Unendurable Frenzy, an Incantation that causes the player character to shoot fire balls out of their eyes. All of this put together leads to a laser-esque attack from an armor-wearing protagonist that isn't too dissimilar aesthetically from a rampaging mech suit in "Armored Core."

The video then shows Barker using this overpowered build to invade other players' games and make short work of most of them, up until he is eventually stopped by two players working together. In the video's comment section, Barker has promised to release a video in which he explains in greater detail how to copy this build. If Barker is a man of his world, expect a guide on how to create your own "mech suit" in "Elden Ring" very soon!