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Elden Ring: How To Beat Lichdragon Fortissax

As with other FromSoftware games like "Bloodborne" and the "Dark Souls" series, one of the biggest draws of 2022's "Elden Ring" is the boss fights. Bosses are typically some of the most difficult enemies in "Elden Ring," and learning their nuances can be frustrating, but the rewards are almost always worth it. Hopefully, guides like these will make your boss fights a little less aggravating. 


The Lichdragon Fortissax is one particularly difficult boss. It's a Legendary-class boss, a huge black dragon with four wings, and it can generate a variety of lightning-based attacks. Fortissax is actually an optional boss, but not only does defeating it net you some big bonuses, it unlocks a unique ending, the "Age of Duskborn."

First, you'll need to locate Fortissax. You'll find him while completing Fia's questline. After you obtain the Cursemark of Death, bring it to Fia. She'll give you the Radian Baldachin's Blessing. Once you burn through all her dialogue options, fast travel to the nearest spot and then return to her. Now she'll be asleep. Inspect her to enter the Deathbed Dream, and you'll begin the Lichdragon Fortissax fight.


Here's how to take the dragon down.

Pick your strategy

As with most dragon fights, the Lichdragon Fortissax battle can be made easier with the help of summoned Spirit Ashes or other players via multiplayer. Since Lichdragon Fortissax uses lightning-based attacks, it's also a good idea to equip an item that negate lightning damage. The Boltdrake Talisman should come in handy, as well as its variants, the Boltdrake Talisman +1 and the Boltdrake Talisman +2.


Depending on your build, you'll want to use either a melee or a range strategy. If you go for melee, do your best to approach the dragon from behind and attack the legs. The dragon is weakest to melee weapons that do thrusting damage, like spears. These weapons are also a good option because they'll help you stay out of harm's way when the dragon counterattacks with claw swipes or stomps. 

If you opt for a ranged strategy, obviously you'll want to stay far enough away from Fortissax to avoid its attacks. The dragon has high resistances to both Lightning and Holy-based attacks, so an Intelligence-based sorcerer build will have an easier time here.

Learn Fortissax's physical and fire attacks

Overall, since the Lichdragon Fortissax can fly quickly throughout the arena, locking onto the target can be disorienting. So, it may be easier not to lock on.

The Lichdragon Fortissax has three moves typical to most dragons in the game. The Lichdragon will fly into the air and breathe fire in a straight line towards the player. When the dragon first takes to the skies, keep moving away from it as quickly as possible, and once it begins its fire attack, dodge-roll out of the path of the incoming fire.


Once the dragon finishes its fire attack, it will slam to the ground, causing area-of-effect damage. Use more dodge-rolls to keep away from it.

Finally, if you're attacking the dragon from the sides, it will swipe its closest wing in your direction. Luckily, there's a tell: the dragon will raise its wing just before it makes the strike. Anticipate this, then roll toward the wing.

Learn Fortissax's lighningp-based attacks

The Lichdragon Fortissax also has four special lightning-based attacks. First, it can saturate its claws with lightning and stomp the ground, creating an electrical AOE attack. Once again, roll toward the claw when it's poised to strike. Also, be wary that Fortissax can make two of these attacks in a row.


Second, can raise its head and shoot several waves of lightning out of it in all directions. Once the animation begins, put some distance between yourself and the boss. Alternately, roll into the waves once they begin.

Third, Fortissax can lift its head and generate several lightning bolts in the surrounding area. The ground will glow right before the strike, so anticipate and avoid.

Finally, Fortissax can summon two lightning spears in its claws.These stab into the area where the player is standing and cause a large lightning explosion. This is one of the few times when it's a good idea to lock onto the dragon. As the dragon lifts its spears to strike, roll towards it, then doll a few more times to avoid the explosion.


Even with these tips, it will still most likely require multiple tries to take the dragon down. Good luck and happy hunting.