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Weird West: Why You Need To Get A Horse As Early As Possible

Publisher Devolver Digital has a proven track record for partnering with indie developers to deliver titles that almost always serve to be as unique as they are a blast to play. For those seeking for recent examples, look no further than previous releases like "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout," the "Shadow Warrior" series, or even the reverse horror side-scroller "Carrion." Devolver Digital has a new game that just hit storefronts, however, and it certainly appears to be a poster child for the publisher between its aesthetic and bizarre setting.

"Weird West" was first teased at the end of 2020, and immediately caught players' attention with its spooky western setting that begged to be explored. The title lets players take control of a cast of unique characters in an isometric action RPG where the occult and things that go bump in the night brush shoulders with all manner of residents in the wild west. While the game is full of surprises just waiting to be discovered by players, there's one feature that's worth an early investment to make the title a little more manageable. Above all else, players shouldn't tread too deep into the "Weird West" without a loyal horse. Here's why.

Weird West's Horse Is The Best Backpack Players Can Find

There's seldom something more frustrating in games than making an effort to obtain some sweet new loot only to find that there's nowhere to store it. It's a problem titles have run into before, and "Weird West" is no exception. Players will find that the characters they control don't actually have very much room to fill in their pockets. "Weird West" is completely littered with objects to find, weapons to use and interesting knickknacks to discover. However, inventory fills up rather quickly while exploring and looting, and often times that can mean some rewards or items will have to be, regrettably, left behind in the field.

That said, there is a nice way for players to increase their inventory space while also catering to the pet owner within: a horse. While players won't always be able to buy a horse right at the start of their journey in "Weird West," once they do, it'll make inventory management much more efficient. 

An Earned Horse Is More Valuable Than A Stolen One

Though players will find that there are actually ample opportunities at the start of "Weird West" to snag a horse through theft, this isn't really the way it ought to be obtained. While stealing a horse successfully at the start of the game will allow a player to receive some of the steed's benefits (faster traveling between locales) they'll be missing out on the horse's most important perk. Stolen horses will flee after they've ferried a player to their destination, and will have to be stolen again each time players want to travel on horseback.

Of course, this isn't the case when one owns a horse, and those who preordered the title should find an immediate quest to claim an early mount for themselves. Otherwise, players can make an investment of 200 gold coins when the option becomes available for the character they're playing.  With that complete, players can ride off into the sunset with not only a new friend, but a storage trunk too.