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Devolver Digital Teases Big Plans For 2021

Devolver Digital, the publisher behind the immensely popular and chaotic multiplayer game Fall Guys, are already teasing at the possibility of new projects in 2021. Devolver struck gold this year with Fall Guys and based on a recent tweet, it looks like the company is gearing up to continue riding the popularity of their title.


The company's official Twitter account teased fans about a lineup of games for 2021, tweeting out, "Which of the five unannounced Devolver Digital games releasing next year is your most anticipated?" Devolver Digital didn't drop any hints as to what these projects could be, or whether or not they will be sequels to already-existing IPs. The company has also yet to release any statement on its official website regarding the development of new titles.

Speculatively speaking, of the five brand new games that are set to come in 2021, it's very well possible that one or more of these titles could be sequels to previous IPs. While Fall Guys is clearly a standout for the company, other Devolver Digital properties like Hotline Miami, Gungeon, and Gris have all done tremendously well with reviewers and gamers alike. A follow up to any of these titles would be very welcomed, and is sure to stand on its own two feet alongside Fall Guys.


Although these upcoming games are still being kept under wraps, there are a few titles that Devolver Digital has confirmed that will be coming in 2021. The first of these games is Weird West, an RPG that places a fantastical twist on the typical Wild West. As players journey through an environment filled with gunslingers and monsters, they will also be given the opportunity to make choices that will affect the game's environment and story. The publisher's other upcoming 2021 titles include Card Shark, a card playing adventure game set during 18th century France, and the much-anticipated Shadow Warrior 3, an over the top FPS game where the player takes on the role of Lo Wang, a skilled assassin who's tasked with taking down a slew of demons. 

While these confirmed titles are definitely games to look forward to, the recent social media tease from Devolver Digital should be just as exciting for fans of the company. Fans will be left in the dark until Devolver Digital officially announces its new games, but hopefully they will hit just as many milestones as Fall Guys.