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Asmongold Makes His Hilarious Video Game Debut

After returning from a lengthy break, popular MMO streamer Asmongold, like many gamers, is on the lookout for new titles to play. MMOs are rising in popularity again, but the hype surrounding the latest MMO smash hit, "Lost Ark," has slowed down partly due to various controversies and mass bans. Now, many gamers are looking toward the horizon for a new release to satisfy that MMO itch. One of the most talked-about MMOs in active development is "Ashes of Creation" from Intrepid Studio, and you can bet Asmongold is already a fan. And surprisingly enough, the developers are fans of his, too.

MMOs often live and die with their community. And although Blizzard isn't wild about Asmongold or his interactions with the "World of Warcraft" community, other developers have shown interest in communicating and sharing ideas with content creators like him. For example, last year, "Final Fantasy 9" lead developer Naoki Yoshida sat down and had a lengthy conversation with Asmongold and Rich Campbell about the game.

And it seems like Intrepid Studio is taking a note from Square Enix's book by already establishing a rapport with Asmongold.

Asmongold spotted in Ashes of Creation

Soon after Asmongold tuned into a recent promotional stream for "Ashes of Creation" hosted by the developers, he was treated to a direct shout-out from the developers. The stream was in the middle of highlighting the game's character customization features by scrolling through its character presets, and the final character looked exactly like Asmongold, only with a shaved head.

Once the devs showed Asmongold's character to the world, they laughed and joked around that they had actually forgotten about that preset and were using it to see how accurate they could get at creating different personalities in the game. They finished by saying, "Hopefully, Asmon likes this little rendition." It seems the developers were expecting Asmongold to be among the viewers, and right they were.

And of course, Asmongold liked it. He couldn't help but smile when he first saw himself in-game, throwing out, "It looks so good," and "Oh my God, that's scary!" Although fans don't know if his model was just in there for a gag on stream or if it will indeed be in the final game as a permanent preset face, it is certainly encouraging to see developers interacting more with the community. And who better to do it with than Asmongold, a streamer who has frequently criticized Blizzard for ignoring its community?