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This Is The Best-Selling SNES Game Of All Time

Among Nintendo's historic pantheon of consoles, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System stands tall as one of its bests. Even with Nintendo's bitter battles with Sega at the height of the 16-bit era, the SNES came out on top ahead of Sega's Genesis in the console wars. It even remained popular far into the 32-bit era, so much so that Nintendo was able to take its time with the Nintendo 64 because the SNES was still in demand among gamers.

The SNES game library remains fantasticĀ as well, with many titles still in demand via Nintendo Switch Online's virtual console. With a vast and diverse library of games stretching from Nintendo itself to the many third-party developers that contributed to the platform's success, the SNES remains a platform that is still in high demand. Several of its games are still considered must-plays, ushering in many standard gameplay ideas that would become commonplace in the industry in the decades to come. One game, however, still remains the highest seller on the system by a wide margin.

Super Mario World continued the franchise's dominance

After the success of the "Super Mario Bros." trilogy on the NES, "Super Mario World" continued the franchise's financial domination on the SNES. Despite being rushed out to reach the Super NES's launch date, the game managed to push more than 20 million copies worldwide, according to GameRant. This made it the highest-selling SNES game by a wide margin.

Continuing the 2D platforming gameplay of the original NES games, "Super Mario World" was a major graphical leap forward for the franchise. Most importantly, it was the first mainline Mario game to feature the plumber's dinosaur sidekick, Yoshi. Conceived as far back as the creation of "Super Mario Bros.," Yoshi had to be cut from the original trilogy because of the NES's technical limitations, but the SNES finally provided the power needed to allow Yoshi to be a rideable companion to Mario. Between Yoshi adding new layers to the platforming gameplay, plus the addition of secret pathways that offered greater nonlinearity, "Super Mario World" earns its place as one of the SNES's most popular games.