Matt Anderson

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Philadelphia, PA
University Of The Arts
Video Games, Music, Movies
  • Matt is a detail-oriented writer who focuses on writing well-structured, grammatically correct pieces with attention to research.
  • He has previously written for gaming outlets, such as Comic Book Resources.
  • His background in the worlds of film, TV, music, and gaming affords him versatility in his content creation.


Matt is a Gaming News Writer at Looper and has been engaged in the world of game journalism since 2020. In just under two years, he has gone from an internship at the now-defunct gaming startup The Gamer Kit to working for outlets such as Comic Book Resources. He has used these opportunities to put his lifelong passion for gaming to good use, centering his writing around the ever-changing trends of the industry and its new releases. He also spent years writing music reviews on a personal blog before moving such reviews to social media platforms. These video reviews have even gotten noticed by musical stars such as Alessia Cara and Lil Nas X.


After graduating from high school at the Girard Academic Music Program in 2016, Matt graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2020, earning a degree in writing for film and TV.
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