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Games You Should Play If You Love Gas Station Simulator

An underdog indie success story, "Gas Station Simulator" is a unique PC game that offers players something different than most titles: the opportunity to "buy an abandoned gas station and restore it to its full glory." Truly as simple as it sounds, "Gas Station Simulator" struck a chord with gamers, so much so that the game garnered more concurrent players than highly-touted "Deathloop" when both were released in Sept. 2021.

Maybe it's the high level of detail and Easter eggs scattered throughout the game. Maybe it's the rustic, historic charm of living right off Route 66, the challenge of fighting the elements of the Dust Bowl, or the plotline that's deeper than the average sim. Whatever that special something is that has players invested in "Gas Station Simulator," they sure are revved up.

The game boasts a respectable 71/100 Metacritic score, which is something given its relatively short playtime. While some gamers used to fast-paced action may find the pace too relaxed, many others enjoy the soothing, straightforward fun that still has plenty of surprises in store – literally.

Since most players spend just about 12 hours on "Gas Station Simulator," it makes sense they'll be left wanting more. While no other games are quite like "Gas Station Simulator," these other titles may satisfy the desire to stray off the beaten path.

Winter Survival Simulator

Made by Poland-based "Gas Station Simulator" developer Drago Entertainment, "Winter Survival Simulator" is one of many PC simulators from the company. At the moment, there's only a free demo available on Steam, though the game is reportedly right around the corner with a scheduled Q2 2022 release.

After a Mount Washington State Park hike goes wrong, "Winter Survival Simulator" leaves the lone player in a freezing winterscape without proper equipment. Players must "scavenge, hunt, assemble and call for help – or die trying" in a feat of endurance that satiates sim cravings brought on by "Gas Station Simulator." The psychological element of isolation is captured through a Sanity tracker, adding another element of depth and challenge.

Naturally, sticking with the same developer will grant some level of assurance to "Gas Station Simulator" fans, while also giving them a fresh landscape to work with. Speaking of which, the atmosphere of "Winter Survival Simulator" looks immersive and well-designed, much like the Western ecosystem recreated in "Gas Station Simulator."

Fans taking a liking to Drago Entertainment games may also be interested in checking out its upcoming projects including titles like "Red Frost," "Food Truck Simulator," "Airport Contraband," and more.


Not to be confused with popular multiplayer FPS "Overwatch," "Overland" is a post-apocalyptic road trip survival game made by Grand Rapids-based indie developer and publisher Finji. Featured as part of the 2019 Nintendo Indie World stream, "Overland" is available on PC as well as multiple other consoles.

Far more challenging and combat-focused than "Gas Station Simulator," Overland" offers a different gameplay experience with a similar gritty vibe and fuel-focused objectives. Players must manage a car full of people – plus an adorable dog – as they make combat and resource allocation decisions that affect the outcome of the game. And yes, there are gas stations.

The plot itself is secondary to the strategic choices players make throughout the game. As IGN described in its 7.5/10 review, "most of the story happens in your head." With a simple yet striking art style that leaves a lasting impression plus unconventional gameplay full of twists and turns, "Overland" may be a great next game for "Gas Station Simulator" fans looking for something with a little more pedal to the metal.


For another fun foray into the past, "Gas Station Simulator" fans have got to check out indie strategic train sim "Mashinky" from Czech developer and publisher Jan Zelený. "Mashinky" features a "unique combination of realistic graphics combined with an isometric construction mode and board-like game rules." Zelený himself cites inspiration from "famous games from the 90s and especially by Chris Sawyer's 'Transport Tycoon.'" Rock Paper Shotgun even called the game "a promising successor to Railroad Tycoon."

"Mashinky" is a delightfully intricate game with beautiful scenery, endless customization opportunities, historically-grounded plot progression, and even the opportunity for players to ride the trains they design. Currently available in a robust Early Access version on Steam, the full "Mashinky" is set to arrive sometime in 2022 with a breadth of new content, including a new multiplayer mode. So, players can get started now and still have more to look forward to later.

Hopefully, this list of games fills the tanks of eager "Gas Station Simulator" fans for the road ahead.