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How A Gaming Headset Saved This Player's Life

It's not every day that a gaming peripheral saves someone's life, but one Redditor recently went out of their way to thank Razer for doing just that. Although the Razer Kraken headsets are known for their immersive sound, for Enough_Dance_956, the gunshots weren't coming from their headset.

On April 1st, 2022, Reddit user Enough_Dance_956 created a post on the Razer subreddit titled "Razer saved my life....." The post was a gallery of four pictures with no writing attached. Two images were of a pierced Razer Kraken headset with a hole in the headband, and the other two showcased a bullet-sized hole in a window.

Shortly after creating the post, Enough_Dance_956 moved to the comments section to explain what happened. "[W}ednesday morning at 10:30am a stray bullet went through my window and hit the Razer headphones on top of my head," Enough_Dance_95 wrote. They said their post was created in hopes of reaching out to someone at Razer to thank them for saving their life. Finally, wrapping up their gratitude to Razer, they added, "if it wasn't for the headphones made with good quality, I would've been a dead kid at the age of 18."

Unfortunately, Enough_Dance_956's post lined up with April Fools' Day, so there was some doubt among users about the post's legitimacy. However, Enough_Dance_956 seemingly had more than enough proof on hand to silence the doubters.

Not an April Fools' Joke

On the same day as the initial post, Enough_Dance_956 posted again on the Razer subreddit with three new photos in a post appropriately titled "here's more proof since people think it lying." These new pictures revealed a bullet laying on a bed and a hole in a wall where the bullet supposedly hit after ricocheting off the headset.

Following his apparent confirmation that the original post wasn't some elaborate hoax, users flooded the comments urging Enough_Dance_956 to move to a safer neighborhood. However, the original poster assured users that the bullet didn't come from their backyard but rather from a block adjacent to their house. But they said their parents were still looking to move sometime in the future.

Within the same day, Razer reached out to Enough_Dance_956 and made their day. Ejohn M. from the Razer support team commented, "Your Razer fam is extremely glad to know that you're safe," and said that they would send a follow-up direct message. In another comment, Enough_Dance_956 confirmed that the company made arrangements to send them a replacement headset.

Although there doesn't seem to be an official statement by the police of Torrance, California, where the shooting allegedly took place, Enough_Dance_956 assured everyone that they turned over the bullet to the authorities an investigation was underway. In the meantime, it's safe to say Razer is happy to know its headset saved a life. And, with Razer becoming the new boss of streaming gear, who knows? Maybe the brand will save another life.