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Everything Coming To Lost Ark In April And May 2022

Initially only available in Korea, "Lost Ark" is an MMORPG from Smilegate and Amazon Games. The game features dungeon crawling gameplay, similar to "Diablo" with all the trappings and social aspects of a typical MMO. Since launching on Steam in the US, "Lost Ark" has been extremely popular, sitting at the third spot on Steam Charts nearly two months after its release in the West. Now the developer has revealed a roadmap for the game, covering what will be added in the next two months to keep players busy.

Despite its massive popularity, "Lost Ark" has not gone without controversy. It has been criticized by players for the design of its female characters, to the point where the developer confirmed it would be adding less revealing clothing options in the future. The version of "Lost Ark" that was released in the US also isn't the complete game, with many classes and other systems that are in the Korean version missing from the game. Here's what "Lost Ark" players can look forward to in the coming months.

New Lost Ark content in April

The "Lost Ark" update arriving sometime in April will include a number of new things, according to a blog post on the game's official website. April will bring a new advanced class for the Martial Artist: the Glaivier. The Glaivier uses both a Glaive and a Spear to quickly slice and dice enemies. The class has two sets of skills, Focus and Flurry, that players can swap between depending on their playstyle. The Glaivier is the fifth advanced class for the Martial Artist class.

April will also see the addition of a new continent, South Vern. South Vern will join the game as a Tier 3 area, so players will need an item level of 1340 to begin exploring it. Something mysterious is happening on the usually peaceful continent and it's up to the players of "Lost Ark" to uncover its mysteries. The blog post also teased new login rewards, in-game events, and a Feiton powerpass, providing mid-level gear for the Glaivier class.

New Lost Ark content in May

May will also see the addition of a new advanced class, the Destroyer, an advanced version of the Warrior class. The hammer-wielding Destroyer can shake the battlefield, getting right into the heart of the action. The Destroyer also has skills focused on displacing enemies by pushing, pulling, launching, and slowing them. It's designed for players who like to tank but also want to feel like their attacks are impacting the fight.

The Trial Guardian Raids offer a new weekly challenge for players. There will be three guardians each week, each with their own item level requirement The challenges will scale players' power to the enemy, making for a more challenging experience. More difficult challenges of course mean better rewards. There will also be a small number of quality of life changes in the May update, making the auction house more convenient to use and adding in new hairstyles to choose from.

New end game content for Lost Ark possibly releasing in May

May might also see the addition of new raids and end-game content. The new Guardian Raid for Deskaluda, requiring an item level of 1415, is planned for May. Like other Guardian Raids, players can match up with up to three other people to take on this challenge for high-end rewards. May also see the Valtan Legion Raid, both normal and hard versions, added to the game. This is the first Legion Raid being added to the Western version of "Lost Ark," requiring players to have optimized builds and work together with up to seven other players. Smilegate said it would reveal more as the Raid gets closer to launch.

The reason both of these activities are tentative for May is that Smilegate doesn't want players to feel like they're being rushed. The developer said in the blog post it believes a large enough position of the player base will be endgame ready by May, but it will delay the content if it's internal threshold isn't reached.