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Streamers Who Love Gaming With Their Kids

Streamers all have lives that exist off the screen, even streamers that seem to be online constantly. They have lives just like everyone else, and some of them have even started families of their own that they don't show on screen. While some people make the choice to keep their loved ones behind the camera, some streamers actually enjoy gaming with their families, no matter the age.

Depending on the age of their kids, there are certain restrictions. Twitch in particular doesn't allow anyone under 13 to come on camera and interact, something that people have been banned over in the past, as Win.gg explained after Tayhuhu was permanently banned. However, keeping kids off of the chat – or just streaming on YouTube – can seemingly solve this issue for parents who love to play games with their kids and stream at the same time.

These streamers have all enjoyed gaming with their kids, and viewers enjoy watching them have fun, too.


When it comes to "Genshin Impact" streamers, Mtashed is one of the most popular. His experience with the game has been rocky and he's debated certain aspects of streaming the game because of some of the dark truths behind it, but he ultimately has continued to make content. Some of his most popular videos include "wishing" for characters in the game's gacha system, something that he does sometimes with his son, Benjamin.

In March 2022, Mtashed invited Benjamin to come down and wish for the newest character at the time, Ayato. Mtashed expected Benjamin to need to wish about 45 times to get to Ayato based on the game's pity system, which basically guarantees that a 5-star character is pulled. After no success in the first 20ish wishes, Mtashed jokingly sendt his son away. However, Benjamin came back and ultimately snagged Ayato.

This isn't the first time that Benjamin has popped up on Mtashed's channel. In 2015, when Mtashed was known as a "Destiny" streamer, Benjamin and Mtashed had a "Father and Son Challenge" where the two shared one controller in an online match. In fact, the two managed to take out an enemy with an impressive sniping headshot.


DrLupo is one of the most popular YouTube streamers. After making the jump from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, he explained that the real reason he wanted to leave was partly to spend more time with his family. His family is important to him, and his son Charlie has even popped up on his stream to play with him from time to time.

In 2020, DrLupo shared Charlie's experience playing "Minecraft Dungeons." The adorable video started with DrLupo reminding his son that he was the character with "P2" over his head while Charlie started practicing his combat skills on a nearby dummy. After he was ready, Charlie took charge of the adventure.

The video is full of adorable moments as DrLupo and Charlie played the game, Charlie curiously going around the map and taking down slimes and skeletons along the way. At one point, Charlie decided that running from the bad guys is a much easier solution – and who can blame him? By the end of the video, the daddy-son duo took down the Redstone Golem, with DrLupo acting as a tank so Charlie could whittle his health down.

Overall, DrLupo's viewers seemed to love the stream, as people commented how much joy Charlie's enthusiasm brings them.


Some streamers have kids that have made their own persona based on their parent's online platform, and djWHEAT is one of them. Known as "miniWHEAT," djWHEAT's son has played games with his dad on multiple occasions, and the proud father speaks about his son quite often.

Back in 2016, djWHEAT and miniWHEAT played "Astroneer" together for the Yogscast Jingle Jam to raise money for a variety of charities. To kick things off, the two did a cute act where the father pretended to be Mission Control giving his son a call sign. Overall, the duo ended up raising about $5,000 through the stream.

This wasn't the last time miniWHEAT was brought on camera. The next year, the two returned to the Jingle Jam and played "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds." In 2022, djWHEAT commented on Twitter that miniWHEAT has been doing a bit of World Building for a game with his friend, taking his passion for gaming to a new extent.


Remember TacticalGramma, the "Call of Duty" grandma that made everyone beg for mercy on "Warzone?" While she generally spends her streaming time on the popular battle royale, she's streamed another major title with her granddaughter in tow: "Fall Guys."

While TacticalGramma played "Fall Guys" with fellow streamer and mother, SnootyWizard, TacticalGramma's granddaughter Sawyer wandered up to the stream. Sawyer decided that she was enjoying the "Fall Guys" stream and her grandmother's attention, staying on stream and watching the chaos unfold. Although Sawyer did say that she didn't like the game when TacticalGramma asked her, the two-year-old seemed to enjoy it after seeing the chicken-skin one player was rocking.

Given Sawyer's age, it could be a while before she pops up on stream again. However, in an interview with the*gameHERS, TacticalGramma explained that her biggest joy in life lies in being a grandmother. If Sawyer shows an interest in videogames growing up, it's likely TacticalGramma will try and merge her two passions.


NorthernLion's another dad who enjoys bringing his daughter out on stream, even though Luna's too young to even read. In a too-cute-for-words "Super Auto Pets" stream, NorthernLion played the game while entertaining Luna at the same time. While she got a bit fussy at times, she was understanding a bit about how the game worked. She made several animal noises depending on what NorthernLion had in his roundup, including "moos" and dog howls.

Despite being so young, that's not Luna's only time in front of the camera. During a "Mario Party" stream with Cat Catasmic, Luna wanted to be with her dad, so he ended up holding her while waiting to find opponents. She's also popped up while NorthernLion was playing "Chess." Who knows? A baby could be the best good luck charm.

Luna's also debuted on her mom's channel, Kate LovelyMomo, where fans can see her adorable early days and get an insight into family time with the trio.