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Skyrim's Skeletons Have Faces Now, Thanks To Science

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" has become a timeless game over the years, and not just because it can keep players busy for hundreds of hours. Since it was first released on November 11, 2011, "Skyrim" has captured the hearts of many fantasy-loving gamers and drawn them into a world full of magic, missions, and mystery.

"Skyrim" is still celebrated and enjoyed by players to this day, which makes sense given its status as a worldwide bestseller. From terrifying enemies to hidden secrets, it's the game that always offers something new to discover.

One thing "Skyrim" fans thought they'd never see? Faces on the game's many skeletons. From the Skeletal Dragon to the more run-of-the-mill human remains players encounter throughout the game, there's no shortage of these creatures. Now, thanks to science, "Skyrim" players can imagine what some particular skeletons would look like back in their living days. Even more surprising, the image of "Skyrim" skeletons with faces was actually shared in a humorous Easter egg style reveal.

Cheeky Skyrim Skeletons

On April 1, 2022, Ancestral Whispers shared one of their signature facial reconstructions on Twitter. The global team behind the project launched at a student conference in 2019 and has grown since then to create maps and reconstructions through a combined passion for history, genetics, anthropology, and art. So, what does all of this have to do with "Skyrim?"

Another look at the date the reconstruction in question was shared might provide a clue. Unlike its more historically accurate creations, the April Fool's Day post from Ancestral Whispers shared "facial reconstruction of an ancient Atmoran from Saarthal, dated to the late Merethic Era." Savvy "Skyrim" fans know that Atmorans are an ancient race from the game. Likewise, Saarthal and the Merethic Era also point to fictional times and places from the most beloved "TES" game. That's right – Ancestral Whispers gave the "Skyrim" skeletons faces.

The reconstruction struck a chord, so much so that "Skyrim" skeleton designer Jonah Lobe commented his praises. In his words to the Ancestral Whispers team, "You did an AWESOME JOB with the reconstruction. I wanted them to look thuggish, thick-jawed, thick-browed and sort of Neanderthal-like. This is THAT."

From now on, the skeletons in "Skyrim" will never look the same in the minds of players who have seen this spot-on reconstruction. This new perspective might give gamers something to think about during the drawn-out wait for "Elder Scrolls 6."