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This Star Wars Theory Has Kingdom Hearts 4 Fans Going Wild

Fans of the "Kingdom Hearts" series recently received the best news. Just two years removed from the highly anticipated and long-awaited "Kingdom Hearts 3," Square Enix announced that it has begun development on "Kingdom Hearts 4" as part of the 20th-anniversary celebration of the "Kingdom Hearts" series. This news was completely unexpected given the notoriously tumultuous and slow development of "Kingdom Hearts 3," which lasted well over a decade before the game ultimately released. Of course, due to the slow development of the previous game, some fans of "Kingdom Hearts" are skeptical as to when players will actually be able to get their hands on the final product. Despite these reservations, most gamers are probably content with the announcement, and some have even begun developing their own theories about the upcoming title.

Due to the series' long-running connection with Disney and its characters, many have begun to speculate which of their favorite Disney icons will make the cut in the fourth entry into the "Kingdom Hearts" series. Being a Disney IP since 2012, "Star Wars" has also entered the realm of consideration in regards to what classic set pieces "Kingdom Hearts 4" will emulate. Soon after the trailer made its debut, it seems that a "Star Wars" theory began gaining traction online.

A Redditor has spotted a potential Star Wars tease in Kingdom Hearts 4's trailer

The "Star Wars" franchise touts one of the most influential stories in sci-fi history, but it also has some of the most iconic imagery in the history of film. Designs such as the lightsaber and the Millennium Falcon have stood the test of time and become extremely identifiable even to those with next to no knowledge of the series. According to one user on Reddit, one such piece of imagery may be in the announcement trailer for "Kingdom Heart 4."

Redditor u/Iemier shared an image of what could be the foot of an AT-ST — a smaller bipedal variation of the AT-AT — on a planet purported to be the Forrest Moon of Endor that appears roughly thirty seconds into the trailer. Though the mech's foot is barely visible and out of focus, u/Iemier compared it to photos of an actual AT-ST from the "Star Wars" films and needless to say, the resemblance is quite uncanny. Predictably, "Star Wars" and "Kingdom Hearts" fans lost their collective minds over such a possibility. One user expressed excitement over the possibility of a lightsaber Keyblade, while another looked forward to possibly exploring "Star Wars"-specific worlds as Sora.

Of course, no inclusion of "Star Wars" into the "Kingdom Hearts" universe has been officially confirmed, but the possibility of such a collaboration is sure to keep fans excited until more news surfaces.