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Valkyrae's RFLCT Scandal Was More Tragic Than You Realized

Valkyrae appears to be regretful over the controversy with her attempted RFLCT skincare line, stating that it took her much longer to get through than she had originally hoped. In a clip taken from a "Valorant" stream, Valkyrae appears to indirectly talk about the RFLCT incident and how her friends helped her through it. "It took me way longer [to move on] than I was hoping, honestly. I wish I could go back and change everything, you know?" Valkyrae said.Valkyrae had previously stated that she felt that the hate over the RFLCT skincare controversy was warranted

For those who don't know, back in October Valkyrae released an announcement video revealing a new skincare line called RFLCT. RFLCT was advertised as preventing blue light, which comes from screens, from damaging your skin. People quickly accused the product of offering a solution to a non-existent problem and for using pseudoscience as the basis for its claims. Valkyrae quickly backed down from the announcement, but at that point people were still attacking her over it. While she didn't speak about it extensively, it seems as though the backlash took a larger toll on her mental health than it seemed previously.

Valkyrae appears to be doing better

Valkyrae has returned after taking a hiatus from streaming, appearing to be ready to move on from the RFLCT controversy. Valkyrae also seems to have gained a new perspective on the incident, thanks to some of her friends. "Sometimes friends give you a perspective that you just can't see, and sometimes you know that you understand and but you're still just stuck in your habits and stuck in your way," Valkyrae said.

While it seems unlikely that Valkyrae is going to give out all of the details on how exactly everything went down with RFLCT, it seems pretty clear that it some people went beyond criticizing the product and instead turned to attacking Valkyrae personally, which may have contributed to her being in a bad place. "I have been helped mentally through the s**t I've been through. My friends have helped me get through it," Valkyrae said. Perhaps this whole situation will result in Valkyrae and other streamers being more cautious when partnering with products and brands, spending a little more time vetting them.

Valkyrae isn't the first streamer to get involved in some shady business and certainly isn't the last. Logan Paul recently launched a digital marketplace for buying a small part of a physical collectible, which has some people concerned.