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TimTheTatman's Son's Streaming Appearance Has The Internet Going Wild

When it comes to streaming, TimTheTatMan is pretty much as beloved as they come. Nearly a 10-year veteran at this point, Tim was one of the first streamers to voluntarily shift from the much more popular and prevalent Twitch in order to join YouTube's growing streaming platform. Doing so reunited Tim with his old buddy Dr DisRespect — who was famously banned from Twitch in 2020 due to mysterious circumstances — whom he regularly collaborates and streams with. Tim even defended the Doc in the aftermath his ban. Due to the two's energetic personalities, viewers can typically count on something fun happening whenever the two are on stream together.

One such moment happened on a recent stream in which Tim brought his then 2-year-old son Brewer (A.K.A. Bubba) onto Doc's stream. In a clip shared to Facebook, Brewer sits on his dad's lap says hello to Doc, and even gives a shoutout to the people in the chat. The moment is so wholesome and adorable that even the typically intense Dr Disrespect can't help but smile and chuckle to himself at Brewer's cuteness. Brewer even drops an expletive, which forced out a laugh from the gaming duo before they both explained it was a bad word. The cute interaction has the internet going wild as they marvel at the adorableness of Tim's son.

TimTheTatman's son is quite the celebrity

In a highlight of the February stream posted to Champions Club, an official Dr. Disrespect fan club on YouTube, some viewers couldn't get enough of Brewer and his Tim-like antics. While Tim immediately tried to attribute Brewer's potty mouth to hanging around with his mom too often, some viewers were skeptical. "Tell Timmy his son [definitely] got the cursing from him," one commenter jokingly posted on the highlight. On the same clip posted to Facebook, one viewer — Adam Bray — was grateful for Tim bringing Brewer along for a stream and making him smile before also calling him the best streamer in the game. Another commenter chimed in with similar sentiments, saying the cute display had made their day.

Born on April 11, 2019, Brewer recently turned 3 years old. Hopefully, TimTheTatman will continue to bring him on as he continues to grow and learn more about what his dad does for a living. And who knows? Maybe little Brewer will even follow in his father's footsteps, given his fascination with Tim's keyboard.