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Elden Ring: How To Complete The Millicent Questline

Developer FromSoftware's "Elden Ring" is the kind of game that guides were made for. Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki's latest effort is his deepest and most complex yet, taking the formula he perfected in games like "Bloodborne" and "Dark Souls" and applying it to an open-world setting.


Like many open world games, "Elden Ring's" Land's Between is a sprawling location packed with valuables, secrets, and most of all quests. Unlike a "Skyrim" or a "Witcher 3," however," "Elden Ring" is not very forthcoming with its information. The game has no dedicated quest menu, automatic waypoint system, in-game encyclopedia, or other tools that might make it easier to track and complete tasks. It's difficult enough to keep track of all the quests you find, much less where to go to complete them. Hopefully, this guide will help.

Millicent is the girl seeking a cure for a Scarlet Rot infection. Fair warning: completing Millicent's quest line involves several steps, but it's worth it for the valuable items you get at the end as a reward. Here's how to complete it.


Part 1: give Millicent the Unalloyed Golden Needle

The first part of Millicent's quest involves the Sorcerer Gowry, who lives in a shack in Eastern Caelid, near Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Gowry will tell the Tarnished about a Millicent and her ailment, then send them to fetch the Unalloyed Golden Needle. It's currently broken and in the possession of Commander O'Neil, a boss found in the Swamp of Aeonia–be careful not to contract Scarlet Rot in the swamp yourself.


After defeating O'Neil, bring the needle back to Gowry, who will give the Tarnished Sellia's Secret in return. It turns out, Millicent is inside the Church of the Plague in Sellia, trapped by a magic barrier that can only be removed by lighting three torches. Heat to Sellia, light the torches, and return to Gowry, who should have repaired the Needle by now. If not, fast-travel and reload.

Next, bring the Needle to Millicent, and she'll use it to cure herself. Fast travel to the nearest Site of Grace and return to the Church. Millicent is healed but still missing an arm. She'll reward you with the Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom. This is a valuable Talisman that raises dexterity by five.

Millicent will then say she's going on a journey to retrace the steps of Queen Malenia, which will make her leave this spot. 


Part 2: giving Millicent the Valkyrie's Prosthesis

Next, Millicent can be found at Gowry's shack, along with Gowry. Talk to both of them and exhaust their dialogue options to make Millicent move on to the next location. (You can also fast-travel and return to Gowry's shack, and he will sell you spells).


After leaving Gowry, Millicent heads to the Erdtree Gazing Hill, which is found in the western Altus Plateau region. Speak to her and she'll ask you to retrieve the Valkyrie's Prosthesis, a prosthetic arm that allows her to use a sword again. The Prosthesis is located in the Shaded Castle, a landmark in northern Mt. Altus. The Prosthesis itself can be looted from a treasure chest inside castle, inside a room on the castle's northwestern edge. Bring the prosthesis back to Millicent, and she'll continue her journey.

After that, you'll need to head to Windmill Village in northeastern Altus Plateau. Head to the top of the village and square off against the Godskin Apostle, another boss. Defeating it will unlock the Windmill Heights Site of Grace. Fast-travel to reload the area, then find Millicent. 


Millicent will update you on the progress with her new prosthesis, which is good. After her dialogue options are exhausted, she'll head to the next location, the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, in the central Valley of the Giants region. Once again, exhaust her dialogue options to make her move along.  

Part 3: the Rot Worm and the final choice

Millicent winds up inside the Prayer Room, within the Elphael Brace of the Haligtree (you'll also need to defeat Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree in order to access this area). She'll confess that she's related to Queen Malenia, although she doesn't know how. She sends the Tarnished to defeat the Rot Worm. It can be found Elphael Inner Wall, after a long trek across bending tree trunks. Bring a Preserving Bolus or ten to negate the effects of Scarlet Rot. 


Defeating the Rot Worm will create two summoning points nearby, which gives the player a choice: either challenge Millicent to a fight, or assist her.

Challenging Millicent transports the Tarnished to a fight with Millicent and four of her sisters. Defeating them and loot the Ringed Wing Sword Insignia Talisman, which greatly raises damage with successive attacks, as well as Millicent's Prosthesis, a Talisman that both adds +5 dexterity and raises damage with successive attacks.

By choosing "assist," the player is transported to the same fight but with Millicent on their side. After defeating the sisters, return and exhaust Millicent's dialogue options. Reload via fast-travel and Millicent will be dead. Loot the Unalloyed Golden Needle from her body. This ends Millicent's quest. 


If you defeat Malenia, you can exchange the Unalloyed Golden Needle for Miquella's Needle. It's a consumable item for the end game – - if you choose the Frenzied Flame ending but have second thoughts, consuming the Needle will let you back out of it. You also get a Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, which is the top-tier Somber Smithing Stone. If you're using a weapon that requires Somber Smithing Stones for upgrades, like the Carian Regal Scepter, the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone unlocks the +10 upgrade.