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The Actress Behind Mass Effect's Jack Is Gorgeous In Real Life

The "Mass Effect" world is a rich one, full of pivotal choices, iconic characters, and a complex timeline that's inspired many games, comics, and more. The first game dropped in 2007, and it's all been uphill since then.

Fans can't get enough of "Mass Effect," especially since a "Legacy Edition" of the first three games released in 2021. Though not every game that's followed has been perfect, like less-than-stellar "Mass Effect: Andromeda," the franchise still stands strong. There's even a TV series adaptation in the works that fans are going wild over.

There's so much to love about "Mass Effect," though nothing is quite as important in the game as its complex, well-crafted characters. One standout that players have loved since the beginning is Jack, the tough biotic with a violent streak and a firecracker personality. With a shaved head and tattoos all over her body, Jack has a punk energy that's contagious and irresistible.

What truly brings Jack to life is her voice actor, a star who has appeared in films, TV shows, and most notably, dozens of video games. The woman who gives Jack that special something is incredibly talented, and on top of that, she's absolutely beautiful in real life.

Courtenay Taylor Shines as Jack

Fans of Jack in "Mass Effect" will love the actress behind the character just as much as the biotic herself. The incomparable Courtenay Taylor lends Jack her voice and brings incredible nuance and personality to her embodiment of the character. Though she has a different look from her beloved character, Taylor is equally gorgeous, as fans can clearly see on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where she shares personal photos alongside fanart and other exciting nods to gaming culture. She also leads an initiative called Nerds Vote that encourages people from all sides of geekdom to take political action. Taylor has starred in games like "Fallout 4," "Deathloop," and "Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart," just to name a few.

What shines even brighter than Taylor's beauty is her passion for what she does and her connection to the characters she transforms into. Those who love Jack will be pleased to learn Taylor has some things in common with her star character. Taylor once shaved her head in high school to protest her school's dress code, giving her a similar look to her fierce, edgy "Mass Effect" character.

Naturally, Taylor loved Jack from day one. As she shared in an interview with Nerd Appropriate, after reading the "Mass Effect" script for the first time, she thought "it was so refreshing to see someone who looked different, had a different perspective on things, and had a different way of dealing with people." She also spoke out supporting Jack's canonically pansexual identity when it was cut from "Mass Effect 2." Fans now have all the more reason to love Courtenay Taylor and Jack – as if they didn't have enough already.