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Elden Ring Player Makes The Most Hilariously Boring Character Ever

One "Elden Ring" player has achieved the impossible by making the most perfectly bland character possible. Like "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne" before it, "Elden Ring" has tons of customization options, allowing players to design their character to look exactly how they want, for better or for worse. Combining that with the ability to create a large variety of builds lets players do wacky things like make mech suits or beat the game only using butt slams. One Reddit user was able to create the perfect default character, birthing the one true "Johnny Elden Ring."

Reddit user gumojo made a post stating that they noticed many of the NPCs had default character creator values near 128 while watching Zullie the Witch's video unmasking all of the NPCs in "Elden Ring." Using this information, they created "Johnny Default," a perfectly gray and soulless character, one that is perfect to be the generic action hero in a AAA video game. "Johnny Default" looks like he would be right at home underneath Master Chief's armor in "Halo," or locked into a power suit in "Fallout." For a game where you can make some pretty creative characters, people were loving "Johnny Default" in the comments.

Elden Ring fans are having fun with Johnny Default

The comment section was filled with jokes about gumojo's creation, with people seemingly having a ton of fun with the bland character. One person joked that "Johnny Default" is the character in the art of the Ashes of War in "Elden Ring." Another made a reference to the "Futurama" neutral planet writing, ""If I die, tell my wife I said, 'hello.'" Of course, one person made the claim that gumojo's creation was in fact "John Elden Ring," everyone's favorite action hero.

Another person noted that he didn't look quite right and that he appeared eerily similar to the Silver Tears when they mimic people. Aside from all of the jokes about the bland, gray person that was created, a few people pointed out that this information is helpful for future character creation. One person said that defaulting everything to 128 before customizing makes it easier to see what changes are being made, allowing you to be more precise with the character creator. While ultimately a very silly thing, it is interesting to see that the "Elden Ring" character creator does have a "default" setting for all of its sliders, which results in this strange monstrosity that is "Johnny Default."